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Thursday, November 29, 2012

#1844 - Virgil's at Cimmiyotti's, Pendleton, OR - 8/17/2011

In our brief stay in Pendleton, multiple locals recommended Cimmiyotti's, a much beloved place that went out of business a few years ago and has been revived by new owners.  It is a very night place in terms of both ambiance (elegant Victorian house of ill repute) and food quality.  They were very busy the night we visited and did a very poor job of even touching base with us as we waited an hour and half for our food.  There was no excuse for this (even when you are swamped you should touch base with a each customer once in a while), but it appears that under normal circumstances there are no such problems.

137 South Main St, Pendleton, OR 97801 - (541) 276-7711
Web site: facebook
Reviews: goseeoregon - tripadvisor - urbanspoon - yelp

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