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Thursday, April 26, 2007

#536 - Georgetown Liquor Company, Seattle (Georgetown) - 4/26/1007

Nifty old Georgetown place, with odd angles from being squeezed into a corner on Airport Way.

#535 - Stellar Pizza & Ale, Seattle (Georgetown) - 4/26/2007

Classic Georgetown, web site pics do not do it justice (web site)

5513 Airport Way South  Seattle, WA 98108 - (206) 763-1660
Est. 2001 - Building constructed 1903
Previous bars at this location: Bertoldi's Tavern (30s), Beanie's Tavern (40s-80s)

#534 - Planet Georgetown, Seattle (Georgetown) - 4/26/2007

Uncle Mo's (AKA Planet Georgetown) closed in Jan 2009. (The owner continues to run Uncle Mo's Snappy Inn in Renton.)

Charmless, generic sports bar, whose limited appeal varies with the entertainment value of its drunken patrons.

6266 13th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108 - (206) 762-1614
Previous bars at this location: Happy's Tavern (60s to 80s)