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Sunday, May 27, 2018

#2684 #S1301 - Nana's Family Mexican Kitchen, Seattle - 1/1/2015

Update: Nana's Family Mexican Kitchen and Cantina closed in September 2017.

The food at Nana's struck me as fairly pedestrian American Mexican fare, but there's no way you'll miss the visuals. The 90-year-old, two-floor Queen Anne hill bungalow is covered in a detonation of raucous colors -- as if your eccentric aunt had the bingo night of a lifetime and decided to spend her winnings taking a U-Haul down to the Nogales public market. The people are nice, and the drinks are pretty much what you'd expect.

Nana's Family Mexican Kitchen and Cantina, Seattle, WA

1825 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109 - (206) 922-3340                             
Est. Aug 6, 2014 - Building constructed: 1925
Previous bars in this location: None known
Web site: facebook
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#2683 #S1300 - Red King Crab Seafood, Seattle - 1/1/2015

Red King Crab Seafood Restaurant, Seattle, WA
Update: Red King Crab Seafood closed in June of 2015.

Owner Kwang Yoon serves some nice sushi and various Asian and seafood plates in this old Belltown Austin Bell building location in what seems like a halfway point between casual and white tablecloth fancy. The cocktails here are not as much of an attraction, but you can find a nice wine.

Red King Crab Seafood Restaurant, Seattle, WA

2328 1st Ave, Seattle, Washington - (206) 441-7511
Est. Dec 5, 2014 - Closed June 28, 2015 - Building constructed: 1908
Previous bars in this location: Taberna del Alabardero, Cascadia
Web site:
Reviews: eater - yelp - tripadvisor - urbanspoon

#2682 - Brick 29 Bistro, Nampa, ID - 12/30/2014

Brick29, Nampa, Idaho
The description of "comfort food elevated" and promise to satisfy foodies and less adventurous eaters was just the ticket for our extended family dinner, and Brick 29 delivered in spades. The upscale but affordable food from James Beard award winning chef Dustan Bristol was delicious and the cocktails did not disappoint. This was served in a pleasant old Masonic Hall, with early 20th century touches. (Since this visit they have moved to the upper floor of the building.)

320 11th Avenue South, Nampa, ID 83651 - (208) 468-0029
Est. 2007
Web site: - facebook
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#2681 - Broadway Bar, Boise, ID - 12/27/2014

This is a nice, old (50 years or so?), divey, neighborhood bar.

1712 South Broadway Avenue, Boise, ID 83706 - (208) 342-9951
Est. ? - Building constructed: 1925
Web site: facebook 
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Saturday, May 26, 2018

#2680 - Applebees, Boise, ID - 12/27/2014

Yeah, well, it does have a bar and I was hungry.

On a subsequent visit to my old neighborhood in Boise, Facebook popped up with a message that it found three "highly rated restaurants" that it thought I would like. The three were Denny's, Applebees, and Copper Kitchen.

Perhaps there should be some solace in the fact that the social media goliath sitting on top of the world's richest trove of personal data -- including many hundreds of restaurants I have checked into and commented upon -- does not have the first clue what I like. But in any case, here I was in December 2014; and the food is just fine here, and as long as you stick to beer and the basics, so are the drinks. And though I can't rely on Mr. Zuckerberg and company for much help, we still manage to find a bar now and then that more profoundly catches our fancy.

2810 Elder Street, Boise, ID - (208) 344-5630
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#2679 - Juniper, Boise, ID - 12/26/2014

Juniper on 8th, Boise, ID
This is just a swell place all around -- nice setting, great food, very good cocktails, and funny and efficient server Bri (and I am totally unbiased by the fact that she responded to my Krampus Christmas sweater with "I think you might be awesome").

211 North 8th Street, Boise, ID 83702 -  (208) 342-1142                              
Est. June 28, 2014
Web site: - facebook
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#2678 - The Mode Lounge, Boise, ID - 12/26/2014

The Mode Lounge, Boise, ID
Craft cocktails in a swanky, intimate setting with a historic neon sign restored? I'm in.

The Mode Lounge can seem a little poncy with its DJ and admixture of midcentury, prohibition era, and modern decor, but why not? The owners of this place also own Pie Hole Pizza in the same historic old department store space, below the old second flood Mode Tea Room where shoppers congregated over tea and cake well over a century ago. But the Pie Hole's skateboarder personality that could hardly be more different than this romantic ode to cocktailing and classic style. If you enjoy fine cocktails this is a must-stop in Boise.

800 West Idaho Street, Boise, ID 83702 - (208) 342-6633
Est. Jan 24, 2014 - Building constructed: 1895
Previous bars in this location: Grape Escape
Web site: - facebook
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#2677 - Jumpin' Janet's, Boise, ID - 12/26/2014

Jumpin Janet's, Boise, ID
A neighborhood bar with a hodgepodge of themes, loosely tied together by the personality of its biker owner Janet Carter. In additional to pool tables and dive bar priced drinks, Janet's serves better than average American comfort foods included a much liked prime rib dinner on Wednesdays and Fridays.

574 South Vista Avenue, Boise, ID 83705 - (208) 342-7620                              
Est. October 12, 1999
Previous bars in this location: Brass Lamp Pizza
Web site: - facebook
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#2676 - Charlie Brown's, Boise, ID - 12/24/2014

Charlie Browns Lounge, Boise, ID
Charlie Brown's was one of those long-running neighborhood icons that I passed hundreds of times as a kid but never stepped foot inside until decades later. But the towering sign outside necessitated a visit, and it was clinched as a classic for me as soon as I saw the inner bar, with it's carpeting on the sides, slanted facades featuring old wildlife paintings, and a few old geezers hovering over their drinks.

I was informed that Charlie Browns had been here for "43 or 44 years," which would have put its opening around 1970. It's now a divey, neighborhood sports bar, with darts, pool tables, chili cookoffs, special dinners on holidays, and pot luck memorials for regulars who have passed away.

5783 West Overland Road, Boise, ID 83705 - (208) 375-6541
Est. circa 1970
Web site: facebook  
Reviews: boiseweekly - yelp

#2675 - Mai Thai, Boise, ID - 12/24/2014

Mai Thai, Boise, ID
The Mai Thai is a slightly upscale downtown Boise restaurant featuring Northern Thai cuisine, along with sushi, Bento Boxes, various Asian fusion plates, some nice cocktails with an emphasis on fresh juices, and a wine program featuring Idaho wines and which gathered an Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator. Mai Thai has been voted best Thai food in Boise 12 years in a a row and features something that I wish more Seattle Thai restaurants had -- a lunch buffet.

750 W Idaho St, Boise, ID 83702 - (208) 344-8424                              
Est. 2003
Web site: - facebook
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#2674 #S1299 - Alicia, Seattle (Leschi) - 12/16/2014

Update: Alicia closed in September 2018.

Alicia features Vietnamese and Asian fusion dishes from the Kuang family that runs the locally popular Green Leaf restaurants. But it seems hard to make a go of this location, which is near the Leschi marina but with frustratingly little view of Lake Washington, and it closed 4 years later.

200 Lake Washington Blvd, Ste B, Seattle, WA 98122 - (206) 324-6388
Est. Sep 3, 2014 - Building constructed: 1927
Previous bars in this location: Ruby Asian Dining, Sabai
Web site: - facebook 
Reviews: seattlemet - seattlemet - thestrangeryelp 

#2673 - Gas Lamp Bar and Grill, Issaquah, WA - 12/14/2014

The Gas Lamp is located in a sort of industrial park area of Issaquah, almost as if it had anticipated the now familiar settings for craft microbreweries. It is a neighborhood place, and like most neighborhood places these days, it is a sports bar, although I don't know how long it has had that theme -- it was established in 1970 (note the Robert Crumb logo still used today) and has several vestiges of a mid-century auto and gas station theme.

Today it is a fairly typical suburban sports bar, but the paraphernalia show personal touches accrued over years, which makes a place much more inviting than so many places that seem like they could have purchased their entire decor from the sports store in the mall a week ago. They have a fairly typical contemporary neighborhood sports bar menu, with 14 pretty good beers on tap, burgers, sandwiches, salads, and classic American breakfast options.

1315 NW Mall St, Issaquah, WA 98027 - (425) 392-4547               
Est. 1970 - Building constructed: 1970
Previous bars in this location: None known
Web site: - facebook
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#2672 - The Ram, Issaquah, WA - 12/14/2014

The Ram is a typical, large, modern sports bar with lots of TVs, lots of beer choices (including several of their own craft brews), and a large menu of contemporary pub food, including burgers, sandwiches, wings, nachos, etc. Tracing their lineage back to the Deluxe Tavern in Lakewood, WA, The Ram is now a familiar, family-owned chain of over 30 restauratnts across the western and midwest U.S.

965 NE Park Drive, Northeast Federal Drive, Issaquah, WA 98029 - (425) 313-0415               
Est. Sep 30, 2013 - Building constructed: 2013
Previous bars in this location: None known
Web site: - facebook
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Sunday, May 06, 2018

#2671 #S1298 - Thud Suan, Seattle (Capitol Hill) - 12/11/2014

Thud Suan sits a bit off the beaten track of Seattle's Capitol Hill retail core, at the base of a bunch of new condos and along the city's only street that cuts all the way from Elliot Bay to Lake Union. It seems like a tough place to make a go of a restaurant -- Dulces Bistro last less than a year here, and I gave Thudsuan low odds of making it more than three years (the median life new restaurants), but it has now surpassed that.

The owner is a veteran of local Thai restaurants (Root Table, Racha, Pestle Rock) and hoped that a more "adventurous" combination of traditional Thai and local seafood would help his own place survive. My meal seemed like fairly pedestrian, but perhaps I stuck too closely the standards. They serve cocktails that are a bit too far on the sweet and juicy side for my tastes, but at least they offer some originals, including some of their own infusions.

As they've outlived the average now, I shall have to give them a few more tries.

1818 E Madison St, Seattle, WA 98122 - (206) 556-4849
Est. Nov 2, 2014 - Building constructed: 2012
Previous bars in this location: Dulces Bistro
Web site: thudsuanthai.comfacebook
Reviews: capitolhillseattle - yelp - tripadvisor