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Sunday, November 11, 2012

#1818 #S1042 - 95 Slide, Seattle - 7/1/2012

The erstwhile Hunter Gatherer Lodge has been transformed into a sports bar by owner Marcus Lalario (Captain Black's, The Saint, Molly Moon, Batch 206). It is named for the most exciting moment in Seattle sports history, when Edgar Martinez doubled home Ken Griffey Jr. in the ultimate miracle of the miracle '95 season, which not only finished off the Yankees but almost certainly preserved major league baseball in Seattle.

So of course this means primarily lots of televisions, lots of soccer, burgers and pub food. I do not know what advantage they will be taking of the nifty rooftop area.

For many years, from shortly after prohibition into the 1960s, this space hosted the Harvard Tavern. In the late 70s, it became Greg Thim and Ken Decker's Brass Door, leading the Seattle gay community out of hole-in-the-wall bars mostly in Pioneer Square to large, open spaces primarily on Capitol Hill (the Brass Door became the Brass Connection when they obtained a license to sell liquor as well as beer and wine). In the subsequent years that Lalario has held the lease, it has been an all-ages and hiphop dance club (The Beat Box, Ghetto Technologies), then Blu, the War Room, and Hunter Gatherers Lodge.

722 E Pike St, Seattle, WA. - (206) 328-7666               
Est. June 28, 2012 - Building constructed: 1920
Previous bars in this location:Harvard Tavern (30s-60s), Forun Tavern (70s), Brass Door/Connection (70s-90s), Blu, The War Room (2005-2009), Hunter Gatherer Lodge (2010-2012)

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