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Friday, November 23, 2012

#1834 - The Timber Room, Estacada, OR - 8/6/2011

The Timber Room folks do not appear to be big online types, so basically all I know about the place is what I heard from the folks there when we visited. We heard it is now the oldest building in Estacada -- exact age was unknown, but "18-somethin" (the town was founded as a camp for dam workers and incorporated in 1905, but it's possible some structures pre-date that). We heard it used to be the bank, with a whore house upstairs. We heard explanations of some of the history painted on the walls outside, including the naked bikers coming through, the naked horse rider, and one or two people shooting up the place. We heard the room next door used to be the Trails Cafe, but it was now just part of the Timber Room. And we heard that people sing karaoke in the cafe room, while everyone else sits in the room with the bar.

It seems like an interesting place.

397 South Broadway Street, Estacada, OR 97023 - (503) 630-3139
Portland Mercury - Best of Estacada

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