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Sunday, November 04, 2012

#1810 - Lyman Tavern, Lyman, WA - 6/10/2012

Lyman, Washington is a town of about 400 people, mostly retirees, just off the North Cascade Highway, some 30 miles or so from the Canadian border. The Lyman Tavern is a moderately large place, festooned with hunting trophies, including what I read somewhere as 177 pairs of  horns. The bar thus refers to itself as "the horniest tavern in the northwest (wink wink)." The theme is reinforced by a much photographed neon sign of mating elk.

Debra Heinzman has been the owner of the tavern since Jan 1, 2005. She is also the mayor of Lyman, stepping in when she heard that if no one ran, a mayor would be selected by county commissioners. Although Heinzman is vegetarian, the tavern specializes in steaks, and features a fairly standard sort of range of beers and liquors (bearing in mind that one can generally estimate your distance from the nearest large urban area by the portion of the liquor selection comprised of flavored vodkas). The Heinzmans appear to have upgraded the food options and added liquor, and the place is friendly and lively.

White people started settling in the Lyman era in the 1870s, with hunters followed by loggers and stump farmers.  I haven't been able to find the age of the orignal Lyman Tavern, but it appears to have been on the same location as the current one for many years before burning down on the morning of Feb. 9th, 1950.  This is one of the more enjoyable bar stops along the Cascade Loop.

8328 S Main St, Lyman, WA 98263 - (360) 826-4131
Est. 1950? (current building)

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1 comment: said...

The worst thing to happen to this bar is it got sold to a village idiot, SHIT FOR BRAINS, that thought change is good. Not always. Not always. I read an article with the latest new owner, and she’s trying to pump up the fact that she didn’t lose much business. Bullshit. I know people that live in the town. Even though I live in Montana, and I know several of the people, and all of them told me, that none of them will ever go to it as long as she owns it.


they also said she’s lost a good 40% of the business. I hope she goes out of business and somebody buys it and understands tradition. If, If, we lived close enough that we could run it, my wife and I would buy it. And I can afford to lose money for a while. Let’s say, for up to 2 years till it got going again.