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Monday, January 22, 2007

#523 - Huckleberry Inn Lounge, Lakebay - 1/21/2007

#522 - O'Callahans Pub & Grill, Lakebay - 1/21/2007

15610 92nd Street Kp N, Lakebay, WA 98349 (map)

#521 - Dawg Tagz, Seattle (Aurora) - 1/17/2007

Divey dive, with the regulars bragging about challenging other regulars to fights, a tiny number of liquor bottles in hastily made plywood shelves, as much garbage as can fit crammed under the pool tables, and one very lonely big fish in tank about half again his length.

12534 Aurora Ave N., Seattle, WA
Previous bars at this location: Herb's Tavern (60s to 80s), Rex Pub & Grill (early 90s), Far Western Pub (early 90s), Ima's Smokehouse Pub (mid 90s), Bitter Lake Pub (early 2000s)
Subsequent bars at this location: Lazy Fish Saloon, Heads or Tails Sports Bar

#520 - Purple, Seattle (downtown) - 1/12/2007

1225 4th Avenue Seattle, WA 98101 - (206) 829-2280

#519 - HulaHula, Seattle - 12/27/2006

Hulahula opened last week and I visited it with Poi Polloi last night. It is adjacent to Tini Bigs martini bar and under the same ownership. It's fairly spacious and has a generous amount of bamboo, thatch, and Witco-like bas reliefs. The dance floor of the previous venue now features lounge chairs and a blacklight tiki mural that runs the length of the room. The drinks were mediocre, I had a below average mai tai and a worse pina colada before we had better luck with a navy grog and some punch type drinks (I watched the bar tender refer to the instructions to make some of them).

Poi Polloi was very pleased with his appetizer, a shrimp, bacon, and hot pepper combo. I think they've done a fairly good job on the decor -- it's much more seriously devoted to tiki than any Seattle establishment except the Luau. It did feel a tiny bit sterile -- e.g. the wall decorations were too evenly placed, rather than giving the sense I like in a bar that the decorations have been slowly accumulating over many years. The bartender was friendly, but the place had very few patrons when we went -- granted in the dead week between Christmas and New Years. I'd like to see what the ambiance is like when it's more full. It's well worth a trip for any locals or visitors to the area, though you may have to go soon if business doesn't pick up considerably. For me it's a very welcome addition to Seattle's tiki world.

Historical notes: The building that holds Hula Hula and Tini Bigs was constructed in 1929
The "Midway Tavern" first appears at this address in the Polk Guide in 1935. It has since hosted the Tic Toc Tavern, the Puzzle Tavern, Arthur's A Fine Pub, Romper Room, and Watertown

106 1st Avenue North Seattle, WA 98109 - (206) 284-5003
Est. Dec. 2006
Previous bars at this location: Arthur's Pub, Tic Toc Tavern, Puzzle Tavern, Midway Tavern, Romper Room, Watertown