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Bars where Pete has had a Drink (3,265 bars; 1,493 bars in Seattle):

Bars where Pete has had a drink

Sunday, September 28, 2008

#711 - The Grey Parrot Brewpub, Long Beach, WA - 9/27/2008

Update: Phil and Carlene Goularte's Grey Parrot closed sometime by 2011

This is a charming little place where Phil and his wife brew beers and serve food in a double wide mobile home filled with souvenirs from his travels, and marked by his home carved signs out front.

Est. July 4, 2005

Grey Parrot Brewpub, Long Beach, Washington

#710 - Gear Shed Lounge, Long Beach, WA - 9/26/2008

Features a very nice lodge sort of room.

#709 - The Lamplighter, Seaview, WA - 9/26/2008

Backwards baseball cap required.

#708 - Columbia Bar (Lightship Restaurant), Long Beach WA - 9/26/2008

#707 - Doc's Tavern, Ocean Park WA - 9/26/2008

This and the Grey Parrot Brewpub are my favorite bars on the peninsula.

#706 - Long Beach Tavern, Long Beach, WA - 9/25/2008

#705 - The Sea Hag, Ilwaco, WA - 9/25/2008

#704 - The Little Red Barn Loaf'n Shed, Grand Mound, WA - 9/25/2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

#703 - Juju, Seattle (Belltown) - 3/19/2008

Juju - 2224 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA

2224 2nd Avenue Seattle, WA 98121 - (206) 728-4053
Est.  2008 - Closed Nov. 2012 - Building constructed 1911
Previous bars in this location: Ximaica

#702 - The Polar Bar, (Arctic Club Hotel) Seattle - 3/19/2008

700 3rd Avenue Seattle, WA 98104 - (206) 340-0340

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#701 - The Crimson C, Seattle (downtown) - 3/19/2008

When I went there on an early Wednesday evening it was just big, red, and empty. I'll have to try again some Friday or Saturday night. (web site)

Followup:  The Crimson C has closed as of Jan. 2010

Saturday, September 06, 2008

#700 - Ama Ama Oyster Bar, Seattle (West Seattle) - 9/4/2008

Update: Ama Ama closed in 2009

The most swank bar in Seattle -- absolutely beautiful everywhere you look, like a living Shag painting.

Try the: Starrlight

4752 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116 (map)
Est. 2007 - Closed 2009 - Building constructed: 1910
Previous bars at this location: Guppy's West, Ovio Bistro
Subsequent bars at this location: Table 35, A Terrible Beauty
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Monday, September 01, 2008

#694 - The T-Bird Tavern, Seattle (Ballard) - 8/31/2008

Art in the men's room at the Thunderbird Tavern
This dive bar next door to a small strip club is in a space that has hosted a bar since at least the 1930s. By 1941 it was the "Pilot House Inn" and by 1959 it was the "Thunderbird Tavern."  It closed again in mid 2013, but reopened the following February under new owners Madison Eckendorf and Ian Smith, who have preserved the diveyness.

Overheard from a Thunderbird customer (discussing a different bar):
"You can't have a 70-year-old woman totin' around kegs and have a ditch in back ..."

7515 15th Ave NW,  Seattle, WA 98117 - (206) 706-4973
Closed 2013 - Building constructed 1936
Previous bars at this location: Pilot House Inn
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#693 - Hazelwood, Seattle (Ballard) - 8/31/2008

This bar had the small personality of a bar in the Adams Morgan district of Washington DC (which is the best strip of small personality bars in the country, as far as I've seen). I wasn't quite as knocked out by the drinks or vibe as most of the places I highly recommend, but this is an intimate, unique space, with a cool crowd and some adventurous cocktails, and what more could you ask?

#692 - Ocho, Seattle (Ballard) - 8/31/2008

A very nice, hopping, little place.

Try the Ten Dollar Margarita and the Sangria Rioja.