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Sunday, November 11, 2012

#1819 #S1043 - Limelight Thai Bistro and Lounge, Seattle - 7/2/2012

Here's a bad sign when you are a Thai restaurant: You're almost empty, it's raining, and people are lined up in the rain waiting for tables at the Thai restaurant right next door.

So the food is not a particular attraction, and the limited, bland bar would not seem to be (although it was fine for the two next to me drinking raspberry vodka, lemonade, and soda). So I'm failing to see what is.

4545 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105 - (206) 420-2481
Est. June 1, 2012 - Building constructed: 1930
Previous bars in this location:  None known
Web site: - facebook
Reviews: yelp

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