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Thursday, November 22, 2012

#1831 - Echo Inn, Carver, OR - 8/6/2011

For background on Shelley's Echo Inn, I quote the April 20, 2010 issue of the Clackamas Review:

'You will have to wait until September for the crawfish races, but chicken poop bingo is coming up on April 24, at Shelly’s Echo Inn in Carver.... There has been an eatery of some kind on the spot since 1924, when a woman named Echo Mumpower began serving food to loggers. "It started as a roadside stand like you’d find at a carnival; it always served beer and wine. And before the trailer park [down below] was built, people would walk up [from the river bank] to buy burgers," Weseman said. A man named Mac then owned the place for 29 years, before selling to Weseman’s father, who in turn owned it for three and a half years. After trying to sell the restaurant to her brothers, Weseman’s father talked her into buying it when she was 27 and a single mom.'

'When she took over the Echo Inn, Hamm’s and Budweiser were the only beers on tap, and chili dogs and bar snacks made up the bulk of the menu. That has changed dramatically. Weseman had a kitchen built, her husband built a smokehouse and she brought in a gas barbecue. She smokes hams, half chickens, prime rib roasts, roasts and jerky and barbecues steaks and pork chops, among other things. She also serves Icelandic cod, steamers and chicken strips.'

(For another bar built by the Mumpowers in the 1920s, swing across the Clackamas river to the Rock Garden Tavern.)

16150 SE Hwy 224 Damascus, OR 97015 - (503) 658-5226          
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