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Thursday, November 22, 2012

#1832 - Rock Garden Tavern, Oregon City, OR - 8/6/2011

Like the Echo Inn just across the Clackamas River, the Rock Garden Tavern is a historic old place established by the Mumpower family in the 1920s. Current owner Sheila was kind enough to share with us a scrapbook of historical notes and photos. The building was apparently situated here by Joseph Grant Mumpower in order to prevent Steven Carver from building his railroad through -- but the railroad just went up and over the place. In 1936, it was sold to Mumpower's daughter Genievieve and her friend Marie Mollet, whereupon the women converted it to a tavern, which it has remained ever since. (Genevieve's sister-in-law Echo founded the Echo Inn.)

Owner's photo book on the history of the Rock Garden Tavern
Today, the tavern looks very much as it did in the past (at least as far back as the 1940s photos), and the interior feels homey despite the video lottery machines lining the backroom walls. It's the kind of bar that makes me long to come back and visit when there's a foot of snow outside.

Sheila, owner of the Rock Garden Tavern, Oregon City, OR

Genevieve Mumpower Miller, left, at the Rock Garden Tavern

17930 S Clackamas River Dr, Oregon City, OR 97045
Bar Est. 1936 (Est. as restaurant 1928) - Building constructed: 1928

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