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Sunday, November 04, 2012

#1809 - Rockport Pub, Rockport, WA - 6/10/2012

Apparently in the Rockport Pub they don't much cotton to strangers who don't know exactly what they want as soon as they step. The big bartender glowered at Trista as she looked at the taps and considered the options. The bar is off the road a piece, and the only one in town, and it appears to be mostly locals and bikers who know it as a regular stop. It has minimal food (burgers, chips, hotdogs), and a small but decent beer selection on tap. There's a sizable patio out back with picnic tables and horseshoe pits. A tiny sign on a tall pole out front indicates that at one time it was the "Pleasant View Inn Tavern."

If you like dive bars, it's worth a swing off the road. But you might want to try and be quick on the drink selection.

52807 Railroad Avenue Rockport, WA 98283 - (360) 853-7043
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