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Bars where Pete has had a drink

Friday, August 28, 2009

#879 - Lucid, Seattle (U-District) - 8/27/2009

Update: Lucid closed at the end of September 2015.

This is a very happening little jazz club, surprisingly downbeat, cozy, and hip for a U District bar. For me, Lucid and Cafe Racer give the district its first destination bars -- i.e. ones you'd repeatedly leave other parts of town and travel a distance just to experience for a while. It's a classic-feeling, intimate space that feels like lounging in your hip friend's basement, with musical talent wandering in and playing into the ongoing sets. It is run by the multifaceted philanthropist David Pierre-Louis, who interned at NASA, and works on progress for the people of Haiti, where his parents were born.

Est. 2008 - Closed Sep 2015 - Building constructed 1999
5241 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105 - (206) 369-3248

#878 - Jak's Grill Laurelhurst, Seattle - 8/27/2009

Est. 1996 - Building constructed 1948 - Closed Jan 7, 2024
3701 NE 45th St, Seattle - (206) 985-8545 - seattleweekly - yelp

#877 - The Sandpoint Grill, Seattle - 8/27/2009

5414 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle - (206) 729-1303 - yelp

Monday, August 24, 2009

#876 - The Caroline Tavern, Seattle (Lake City) - 8/24/2009

The Caroline is a nifty little neighborhood place that's been operating in the middle of nowhere since prohibition. It is said to have once been visited by Will Rogers, and now caters -- as one imagines it always has -- to a pleasant cross-section of ages, ethnic groups, and subcultures.

Historical notes:  There is no doubt that the Caroline is one of the 20 to 30 oldest bars in Seattle. The Caroline itself includes mentions of a start date in 1933, and this Seattle PI blog entry states that "The Polk directory shows the Caroline at that address at least as early as 1937." However, I'm pretty confident that this is mistaken, and that while the bar may possibly date back to 1933, it was at a location on Victory Way (now Lake City Way) until approx. 1940.
In the late 30s and early 40s the Caroline was owned by Mrs. Mary McNulty. The 1937 Seattle Polk guide includes no mention of the Caroline or McNulty, but the 1936 through 1939 telephone directories list the Caroline Tavern or a tavern under Mary McNulty at 12341 Victory Way (now Lake City Way). The buildings currently around this address date back to the 40s, so this structure probably no longer exists. Then in 1940 the telephone directories and eventually the Polk Guide begin to list the Caroline Tavern, Mary McNulty, or both at the current address. It is not unusual for Seattle directories of the time to be missing bars that are so far out from downtown, and I would not at all be surprised to see the that the Caroline does indeed date back to 1933 (although not likely at the current address). However until I see this from some primary source, I will list it as "1936 or earlier."

13702 15th Ave NE., Seattle, WA 98125-3102 - (206) 362-9879
Est. 1940 or earlier at this address, 1936 or earlier at previous address
pi lake city blog - yelp - the stranger

Sunday, August 16, 2009

#871 - Kenton Club, Portland, OR - 8/7/2009

The Kenton Club is a very nice neighborhood spot with good live music, no cover, and an amiable mix of hipsters and grizzled, white-bearded oldsters. The "world famous" part apparently comes from its use in the Racquel Welch movie "Kansas City Bombers." I visited the KC during the secret crawl portion of TikiKon VII Speakeasy event, and while we didn't exactly fit in, the back patio was quite welcoming.

2025 N Kilpatrick St., Portland, OR 97217 - (503) 285-3718
myspace - yelp

#870 - w xyz, Portland, OR - 8/8/2009

9920 NE Cascade Parkway, Portland, OR 97220 - (503) 200-5678

#869 - Buffalo Wild Wings, Portland, OR - 8/7/2009

This is a chain sports bar, it was close to my hotel, and I knew what I was getting into, so if I'd just stuck with the sports bar food and beer, I would have been perfectly fine. But a berry margarita sounded refreshing, and thus I ended up with this glass of ugly mess that appeared to be made from tequila and some kind of sugary goop with extremely dubious connections to any actual berry. My bad.

9810 NE Cascades Parkway, Portland, OR 97220-6825 - 503-281-0351

Saturday, August 01, 2009

#868 - Shuckers, Seattle - 8/1/2009

411 University St. Seattle, WA 98127 - (206) 621-1984
web site - yelp - zagat

#867 - The Lookout, Seattle - 7/31/2009

757 Bellevue Ave E. Seattle, Wa 98122 - 206 860-2752
(at the corner of Bellevue, Bellevue & Bellevue) - facebook - the stranger - yelp - capitol hill blog

#866 - Stonehenge Tavern, Zillah, Wa - 7/27/2009

603 1st Ave, Zillah, WA 98953 - (509) 829-9411 - urban spoon

#865 - M & J Tavern, Grandview, WA - 7/27/2009

110 W Wine Country Rd., Grandview, WA 98930 - 509-882-9697

#864 - Ben's Crow Inn, Boise - 7/26/2009

Ben's Crow Inn, 6781 Warm Springs Ave., Boise, ID 83716 - 208 342-9669 boise weekly - idaho eats - highbeam

#863 - Pair, Boise - 7/25/2009

Big and swanky, with some nice cocktail choices

601 W Main St. Boise, ID 83702-5935 - (208) 343-7034 - facebook - boise weekly - yelp - clubvibes

#862 - Mack & Charlies, Boise - 7/24/2009

Mack and Charlies closed in 2012

507 W. Main St., Boise, ID 83702 - myspace - boise weekly

#861 - StoneHouse, Boise - 7/24/2009

665 Park Blvd, Boise, ID 83712 - boise weekly