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Bars where Pete has had a drink

Saturday, November 15, 2014

#2290 - Crow Bar, Portland, OR - 9/14/2013

I like this place, and I get the sense that if I had been here with the crowd on a Friday or Saturday night, I would probably like it even more.

"Yes, there is a fine Jazz series at the Blue Monk on Sunday nights and it’s possible to go to both, but for your own musical pleasure and discovery do not miss the little funky rag-tag club basement with black couches and benches in the Crow Bar. In order to get a drink, you have to go upstairs where music (distinctly not Indie-Jazz or any other kind of Jazz) is blasting out over the speakers (and sometimes down the stairs to the club basement." (oregonmusicnews)

"The oldest bar on the street, The Crow is as divey as a bar can get on Mississippi Ave. " (facebook)

3954 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97227 - (503) 280-7099
Est. Dec 31, 2002
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#2289 - UCHU Sushi and Fried Chicken, Portland, OR - 9/14/2013

The food looked good here although I did not eat. The cocktails are not long on subtlety or fine balance, but do contain may interesting and different ingredients. The vibe feels like an open air fish market.

3940 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97227 - (503) 281-8248
Est. 2011
Web site: - facebook
Reviews: oregonlive - thrillist - wweekyelp - tripadvisor - portlandmercury

#2288 - Sidecar 11, Portland, OR - 9/14/2013

Sidecar 11 is an intimate location for fine cocktails, emphasizing whiskey and prohibition era drinks. It is a particularly good place to have an excellent craft cocktail or two in an atmosphere as relaxing as an old bookstore coffee shop.

3955 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97227 - (503) 208-3798
Est. March 2011
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#2287 - Pizza Schmizza Pub and Grub, Portland, OR - 9/13/2013

415 SW Montgomery St, Portland, OR 97201 - (503) 473-8119
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#2286 - East End, Portland, OR - 9/13/2013

This was a pretty swell punk and alternative music venue with three rooms on two levels, most recently owned by local punk musician and bartender Tony Mengis (The Riffs, Soda Pop Kids, Defiance). The drinks and food were acceptable, the crowd was hipster, and the bands were much more interesting than average. However, East End closed on Aug 8, 2014 after fire hit the historic Osborn Hotel, and Mengis eventually gave up on re-opening and decided to move to Amsterdam.

203 SE Grand Ave, Portland, OR 97214 - (503) 232-0056
Web site: - facebook
Reviews: portlandmercury - portlandmercurybarflymag - yelp

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

#2285 - The Lovecraft, Portland, OR - 9/13/2013

'The Lovecraft is a horror themed tea shop and bar located in sunny Portland Oregon. Paying tribute to the world of horror in all of its forms with Lovecraft inspired and local art and decor. We also have different theme nights ranging from industrial and goth, metal in all of it's forms, performance art, live music, electro, and karaoke. We also have a monthly "Love Craft Fair" promoting local DIY culture and crafts.'

'The Lovecraft is not a goth bar, or a metal bar, or a gay bar, or a pagan bar. It is a horror bar that caters to all of the above. Tuesday is metal night. Thursdays and Fridays are pretty gothy. Weds caters to psychobilly and experimental noise bands. Sunday is karaoke. And Saturdays are for dancing. The bar welcomes the crusty gutter punks to Anne Rice crowd to the gamers to the cute librarians. Just respect it. If you can’t respect the diversity, you will be asked to leave. Like any other establishment, we reserve the right the right to refuse service, and that is your fault, not ours."'

421 SE Grand Ave, Portland, OR 97214 - (971) 270-7760
Est. 2011
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Reviews: thelovecraftsman - lacarmina - barflymag - yelp - portlandmercury

Monday, November 10, 2014

#2284 - Miss Delta, Portland, OR - 9/13/2013

Very nice southern home-style, cajun creole, soul food goodness, with pretty good cocktails to boot.

3950 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97227 - (503) 287-7629
Est. Aug 2007
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Sunday, November 09, 2014

#2283 - The Modern Man, Portland, OR - 9/13/2013

It would be understandable if your first impression of The Modern Man was that it was just another prohibition-style barber shop serving complementary shots of Burnside bourbon, with a hidden entryway down a faux mineshaft to a speakeasy in a simulated, antique train. Then again, the key with anything that goes this far out on a limb is the execution, and from the decor to drinks to food to attitude to general vibe, the execution here is near flawless.

This is the third Modern Man opened in Portland by Chris and Emily Espinoza since 2011. The taxidermy, the antique books, the complementary craft whiskey and beer, and the hot towel razor shaves are all perfectly calculated to evoke a 1920s-era glorification of manhood, which could have easily slipped into cheesiness were it not for the deft handling of the owners. The barbershop on the main floor specializes in "traditional cuts, modern cuts, crew cuts, high & tights, medium regs, tapers, flat tops, pompadours, hot towel straight razor shaves, beard shaping and mustache trims."

In this particular location, you can also reserve a ticket to be escorted behind a curtain and down a simulated mine shaft into an antique train car setting, complete with private booths including televisions simulating the passing landscape. From there or at the bar in front, you can order a well-made Sazerac, Sidecar, or Manhattan,

I suppose that there must be a number of people out there for whom this would this would be entirely too ostentatious, particularly if hoisted atop an already existing aversion to Portland style, tattooed and bearded hipsters. But for anyone who interested more in enjoying life than criticizing the way others enjoy it, this place is the bees knees.

3956 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97227 - (503) 522-8470
Est. Sep 8, 2013
Web site: - facebook
Reviews: thrillist - eater - aboutfacemag - yelp

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

#2282 - Bar Bar, Portland, OR - 9/13/2013

Bar Bar is associated with music venue Mississippi Studios next door and features burgers, beers, a nice patio, and Portland hipsters.

3939 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97227 - (503) 288-3895
Est. July 10, 2010
Web site: - facebook
Reviews: talkeatdrinkportlandeaterbarflymag - yelp

Sunday, October 19, 2014

#2281 - Country Cousin, Centralia - 9/13/2013

Centralia Washington is the halfway point between Seattle and Portland and to people driving between the two cities it is known mostly for an outlet mall just off the highway. If you take the time to drive down to Tower Avenue you find an older part of Centralia with some quite nice old bars. But if you just linger by the outlet stores just off I-5, the area is dominated by Country Cousin, which looks just like you'd imagine, except larger and more crammed with old-timey artifacts. There's a tractor and a chicken coop outside, and the front door triggers a rooster crow. Step to the left and you're in the large restaurant and ready to order Country Pot Roast, Turkey N Dressing, or any number of other gravy-covered comfort foods, from a large menu that includes ads for towing services and tractor rentals. Step to the right and enter a smaller Hammer and Tong Lounge, where you can order from a small choice of beers, wines and common cocktails, from the warmly lit woody interior.  It's not shabby enough to be a dive, and not flinty enough to be a saloon, but it's fun stop as a classic roadside attraction.

1054 Harrison Ave, Centralia, WA 98531 - (360) 736-2200
Est. 1973 - Building constructed: 1973
Previous bars in this location: None
Web site: - facebook
Reviews: chowtimes - yelp - urbanspoon

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

#2280 #S1171 - Olaf's, Seattle - 9/12/2013

Long-time locals can't help but have mixed feelings about Olaf's, a neighborhood bar inspired by the March 2013 closure of The Viking after 63 years, and taking the place of the endearingly vulgar Copper Gate, which closed exactly two months later after 67 years just up the street. It's nice to see a local gin mill with personality in one of these old spaces, but one has to lament the departure of the viking ship bar, its vintage porn sail, and the lewd dioramas. Dismantling the ship bar seems like a crime, but if one can put the past behind and look at Olaf's as if it was starting tabula rasa, it's a nice little joint.

The sign out front manages a multiple part tribute to old Seattle, with letters shaped like Olympia Beer logo spelling out the name of the cartoon version of a viking. It's too brightly lit, too vibrant and healthy to really be an homage to old dives like The Viking, but it shares their suburban neighborhood vibe. It has a very simple menu -- a couple sandwiches, a couple burgers, and corn dogs -- but unusually well, as one might expect when the owners' resumes included Stumbling Goat, Ma'ono, and Le Gourmand.  What remains is the Pussy Room, named for its vaginal entry hall (and now apparently referred to as "the red room" or "the womb room"), gussied up a bit. And they have added a room of pinball machines, surrounded by murals by Narboo, a break from the hordes of Henry works that crowd north Seattle.  There are ten rotating taps of good beers and some decent cocktails as well. Maybe in ten years I won't keep looking for the ship bar every time I step in.

6301 24th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107 - (206) 297-6122
Est. Aug 31, 2013 - Building constructed: 1928
Previous bars in this location: The Copper Gate
Web site: facebook
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Monday, October 13, 2014

#2268 #S1170 - The London Plane, Seattle - 9/5/2013

London Plane is a high end "cafe, specialty foods grocery, and ... floral workshop" from James Beard award winning chef Matt Dillon (Corson Building, Bar Sajor, Sitka and Spruce) and Katherine Anderson (Marigold and Mint). It is not completely clear whether to count this as a bar, as it is much more a cafe -- brightly lit, awash in white, never open past 9, and nary a beer to be found. But they do classify themselves as a wine bar, and there is a physical bar/counter where people will sit for a glass, perhaps after dropping in for some castile soaps and wild mushroom mix. The food is mostly delicate, small plates, and enough to make Bon Appetit's top ten Best New Restaurants in America 2014.

London Plane is actually located in two separate spaces, on the opposite ends of the historic State Building, constructed in 1890-1891, and from whence the Schwabacher Brothers sold dry goods for many years, including a boom period during the Klondike gold rush. Now the upscale restaurants and art galleries of the Occidental pedestrian mall and the western end of the old jazz district on Jackson, along with the encroaching sports stadia, condos, and office spaces encroaching from the south, continue to pinch the vagrants and seedier bars and clubs of the original "skid road" area into a smaller and smaller space, in what may now be Seattle's most diverse set of eating and drinking establishments.

322 Occidental Ave S, Seattle, Washington 98104 - (206) 624-1374
Est. Aug 6, 2013 - Building constructed: 1891
Previous bars in this location: Pacific Northwest Brewing Co.
Web site:
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Sunday, October 05, 2014

#2267 #S1169 - Bloom, Seattle - 9/4/2013

Bloom is a nice little "farm to table Japanese cuisine" restaurant from Jason Harris, who was previously the chef at Showa and then served bento boxes from a pop-up at Kylie's Pizza. The bar part of Bloom is quite limited both in size and options, but it has apparently expanded a bit since this visit, going from just a few straight spirits -- bourbons, sakes, and soschus, with no cocktails -- to reports of shaved ice mai tais, shaved ice Moscow mules, and "a cucumber pepper drink."  I shall obviously have to give the bar here a second look.

5410 17th Ave NW Seattle, WA 98107 - (206) 706-8080
Est. Aug 14, 2013 - Building constructed: 1946
Previous bars in this location: Kelly O'Brien's, Le Marche
Web site: - facebook
Reviews: myballard - yelp - seattlemet - urbanspoon - eater - thestranger

#2266 #S1168 - The Old Sage, Seattle - 9/3/2013

Oh man, do I love these guys' places. Old Sage is another restaurant/bar from my favorite Seattle chefs, Brian McCracken and Dana Tough (Tavern Law, Spur, Coterie). This place has an emphasis on smoked meats -- and a smokey vibe in general -- though the smokiness is more subtle than barbecue. And just as in their other places, they've delivered bartenders who craft excellent cocktails (here with a malty, smoky, scotch theme) and I love pretty much every item I order, even in a magician type way when the ingredients are not ones that would generally entice me. I started with the malted emmer, with a bit of local apples and mountain cheese, and it was delicious. Emmer! Emmer was delicious.

It was a little less surprising that they could also make Coho salmon, my second dish, so delicious. After getting a bit my tastes, bartender Miles added a pretty much perfect cocktail to top things off; the Expat was made with blended scotch, Carpano Antica, Campari, Averna and sassafras.

With the small plates and craft cocktails flowing, evenings at McCracken and Tough's places can quickly start to get a little pricey. But when I'm in the mood for a drink and fine meal there is simply no place in Seattle I like better.

1410 12th Ave Seattle, Washington 98122 - (206) 557-7430
Est. July 31, 2013 - Building constructed: 2007
Previous bars in this location: Local Vine
Web site: - facebook - blog
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#2265 #S1167 - Masala, Seattle - 8/30/2013

Masala ("spice mix") is a fairly standard Punjabi style Indian restaurant which tends to be ranked among the better ones in Seattle -- at least outside of the U District. They operated just a little bit down Northgate Way for a decade or so before moving into this new building in 2013 and adding a substantial lounge. They have super nice people working there. The lounge portion remains a mystery to me, as I've only gone in the afternoon and it's just very difficult for me to imagine a crowd gathering here that matches the club-like decor -- or any crowd, to be frank.  I suppose I need to swing by on Saturday night sometime to get any idea of what kind of bar it really is, but in the meantime it is a very satisfactory lunch or dinner stop.

507 NE Northgate Way, Seattle, WA 98125 - (206) 417-1118
Est. March 19, 2013 - Building constructed: 2008
Previous bars in this location: None known
Web site: - facebook - facebook
Reviews: thestranger - yelp - tripadvisor