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Monday, November 28, 2016

#2809 #S1355 - Lowercase Brewing, Seattle - 7/3/2015

Lower Case Brewing, Seattle, WA
Update: The Lowercase Brewing Tap Room moved from this location to 6235 Airport Way S in May 2016.

Lowercase Brewing is an archtypal microbrewery and taproom -- several nice beers served in a utilitarian, cinder block building, with wire spool tables and a food cart outside. It appears to be sharing or acquiring the space from a landscaping rock business, with many samples left around the grounds, and shares the facility with Burdick Brewing. This is located in a residential neighborhood of South Park, across the Duwamish River from Georgetown, where Japanese and Italian farmers grew produce they would sell in the Pike Place Market they created downtown. It is quite similar to many other taprooms in town, but feels particularly tranquil surrounded by modest, suburban homes.

Lower Case Brewing, Seattle, WA (South Park)

Lower Case Brewing, Seattle, WA (South Park)

8103 8th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108 - (206) 258-4987
Est. Jan 17, 2014 - Closed April 30, 2016 - Building constructed: 2003
Previous bars in this location: None known
Web site: lowercasebrewing.comfacebook
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Friday, November 25, 2016

#2808 #S1354 - Faerie Queene, Seattle - 7/3/2015

While they do have a small bar, the bar is not the focus at Faerie Queene, named for the 16th century Edmund Spenser poem, and tucked away in Pioneer Square. They do not have cocktails, and do not have bar hours (open only on weekdays and only until 6pm), but they do have a small but nice selection of wines and beers. But if you find your way to Faerie Queene it probably won't be for the booze, but rather the elegant but affordable dishes created by owner and chef Una Kim. Kim grew up in the business in her family's "Noodle Ranch" in Belltown, later honed her culinary skills in San Francisco, and then made her mark back home in restaurants like Re:public, Matt's in the Market, and Spring Hill. Many of her soups, sandwiches, salads, and seafood dishes reflect her sophisticated background, but without fancy prices -- I think the most expensive item on the menu was $15.

Faerie Queene, Seattle, WA

90 Yesler Way, Seattle, WA 98104 - (206) 816-0522
Est. March 2015 - Building constructed: 1913
Previous bars in this location: Bahama's Disco, Board of Directors Room
Web site: - facebook
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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

#2488 - French Market Restaurant and Bar, New Orleans - 3/24/2014

The French Market Restaurant and Bar claims to date back to 1803, "Twelve years before Andrew Jackson won the Battle of New Orleans, The French Market Restaurant & Bar began serving outstanding seafood and ice-cold drinks to visitors and natives alike." But I don't now what form(s) that would have been in, have not found any details, and it is not included in lists of the oldest restaurants in New Orleans. But it is, of course, on the edge of the French Market itself, the oldest in America and hosting a rich mix of culture and cuisines here since the 18th century:

"As for the confusion of tongues in the market, it was simply delicious. French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and “Gumbo” contended with each other for supremacy  … There are Gascon butchers, and the Italian and Spanish fruit vendors, and the German vegetable women; there are Moors, with their strings of beads and crosses, fresh from the Holy Land . . . Chinese and Hindu, Jew and Teuton, French and Creole, Malay, Irish, and English, all uniting in an ceaseless babble of tongues that is simply bewildering." (

Some of the buildings, including the space occupied by the Cafe Du Monde, date back to 1813, after the previous structures were destroyed in an 1812 hurricane.

Whatever the history of the French Market Restaurant, it draws in tourists with a giant vat of crawfish steaming in the front window, and a menu full of Cajun and Creole dishes with an emphasis on seafood. This was our last bar and restaurant stop of this trip to New Orleans and it concluded nicely with the blackened alligator.

1001 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70116 - (504) 525-7879
Web site:
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Monday, November 21, 2016

#2487 - Spitfire, New Orleans - 3/23/2014

The Spitfire bar, not to be confused with the coffee shop of the same name, is a funky, cozy, neighborhood dive that appears to host some good rock shows and alternative events. But this space has an even more colorful history, from the goth bar days in the 90s though the 00s with names like Blue Crystal, to hosting Dada art shows as the Whirling Dervish, to the last lesbian bar in the city of New Orleans as Rubyfruit Jungle.

During the goth days it hosted the Cure and dragged Trent Reznor out to meet Robert Smith, as well as witnessing Eddie Vedder and Cy Young award winning pitcher Jack McDowell in a bar brawl that left Black Jack unconscious after a bouncer's left hook knocked his head into the wheel of a jeep. Later Rubyfruit Jungle moved here, and when it closed in 2012 it was the last lesbian bar in a city that a few decades ago had nine of them -- the bars apparently no longer needed as hidden community centers and furtive social gatherings relived in the local play "Last Call."

Spitfire Bar, New Orleans, LA
The names change and the themes vary, but some spaces just seem destined to always host joints with real character, and whether there's high drama or just a chill crowd of interesting people, always feel like a good place to be.

Spitfire Bar, New Orleans, LA

1135 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70116 - (504) 524-9822
Est. June 2013 - Building constructed: year
Previous bars in this location: Blue Crystal, The Crystal, Pendragon's, Crowbar, Whirling Dervish, Rubyfruit Jungle, 1135 Decatur,
Web site: facebook - facebook - twitter
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Sunday, November 20, 2016

#2486 - Vaso, New Orleans - 3/23/2014

This capacious "superlounge" is not among my favorites in the Frenchmen Street area, but a nice thing about this place, even more than most of New Orleans, is that you can stroll past, step into the open doors with no cover, take in a bit of the (blues, jazz or reggae) music, decide if you want to invest the time it takes to get a drink, listen to the band for a few minutes or a couple hours, then, drink in hand or not, stroll on down the road.

1407 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70116 - (504) 272-0929
Est. 2011
Previous bars in this location: Belle Forché Criolle
Web site: facebook
Reviews: yelp

#2485 - 13 Bar and Restaurant, New Orleans - 3/23/2014

Funky, vegetarian friendly cafe and bar open til 4am

13 Bar, New Orleans, LA
517 Frenchmen St, New Orleans, LA 70116 - (504) 942-1345
Web site: - facebook
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Saturday, November 05, 2016

#2484 - Tiki Tolteca, New Orleans - 3/23/2014

Tiki Tolteca, New Orleans, LA

Tiki Tolteca is upstairs from Felipe's Taqueria in the Quarter, and, about eight months after this visit on the same block as famous tiki author Beachbum Berry's Latitude 29. Tolteca was a little spare, light, and commodious for a tiki bar, but that might be expected for a place that recently started out as a pop-up open a few nights a week.

It definitely delivered on the cocktails. We chatted with bartender Richard "Trader Dick" O'Dell, who had recently devised his Hurricane entry for Tales of the Cocktail. His "Subtropical Itch" was excellent -- a concoction I liked as much as any tiki cocktail I've ever tasted.

Trader Dick, Tiki Tolteca, New Orleans, WA
In 2014 the bar won a popular vote for Best New Bar in the Country run by Food & Wine, as well as a list of the 21 best new bars in America from Thrillist, a USA Today list of best tiki bars, and an award for 'Best Place To Make Out/Make Up/Have The “More Than Friends” Discussion/Go On A First Date/Go On A Third Date/Profess Your Undying Love/Propose.' From virtually no quality tiki cocktails a few years ago, the Big Easy now has at least three bars that focus on craft tiki drinks (Tolteca, Latitude, and Cane & Table) along with very nice tiki choices commonly offered at several other craft shops, including Sobou, Bar Tonique

Tiki Tolteca, New Orleans, LA

301 N Peters St (2nd floor), New Orleans, LA 70130 - (504) 267-4406
Est. May 2013
Web site: - facebook
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#2483 - 700 Club, New Orleans - 3/14/2014

This place is a notch less frenetic than the gay clubs at Bourbon Pub and Oz, but it's still a lively crowd. And while the cocktails are fruity and sweet like so many gay bars and bars on Bourbon Street, the versions here are a notch above, featuring actual fresh herbs and fruit. It's also apparently one of the larger gathering points for LSU and Saints games.

In case you don't get the irony of the bar's name matching the television program run by Pat Robertson -- who has explained why gay rights have resulted in hurricanes striking the city -- the bathrooms here are labeled "Adam" and "Steve."

We met some fun European guys here, but I've long lost their names and the exact country they were coming from.

700 Burgundy St, New Orleans, LA 70116 - (504) 561-1095
Web site: - facebook
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Sunday, October 23, 2016

#2482 - Harry's Corner, New Orleans - 3/23/2014

Harry's Corner, New Orleans, LA
Harry's is a nifty neighborhood dive just beyond the super touristy parts of the quarter and popular with locals. "Harry's been around in some incarnation or another — Harry's Bar, Harry's Place or more recently, Harry's Corner — since 1942." (  It has a nice selection of local beers and people recommend the Bloody Marys. It was even listed on the Esquires sometimes inscrutable list of the Best Bars in America

900 Chartres St, New Orleans, LA 70116 - (504) 524-1107
Est. 1942
Web site: facebook
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Saturday, October 22, 2016

#2481 - Buffa's, New Orleans - 3/22/2014

Buffa's is a neighborhood dive in front, but better known for the backroom, accessed from a narrow doorway, hosting jazz and mostly locals of the widest variety of ages. The white stucco exterior with oval windows look like some touristy submarine themed attraction, but inside it is classic mid-century roadhouse. They used to have music six nights a week and weekly open mike comedy, but I believe the entertainment schedule has been cut down in some noise disputes with some of the neighbors in their residential neighborhood. Buffa's has been here since 1939 and had live music since at least the mid-1980s, but apparently before the current owners purchased it in 2010 the music was confined primarily to weekends. "Some Like It Hot" at 10:30 a.m. Sundays is particularly popular.

They are open 24 hours and serve a mix of standard tavern food and local standards (crawfish, jambalaya, red beans and rice, shrimp and grits, etc.)

Buffa's is currently trying to raise money for legal fees and sound-proofing improvements.

1001 Esplanade Ave, New Orleans, LA 70116 - (504) 949-0038
Est. 1939
Web site: - facebook
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Sunday, October 16, 2016

#2480 - R Bar, New Orleans - 3/22/2014

R Bar, New Orleans, LA
The R Bar is the beverage part of the Royal Street Inn "bed and beverage." If you stay in one of the inn's five rooms here you will receive some free drink tokens for the lively bar on the ground floor (although it appears the Bukowski Suite no longer exists?). The B&B is part owned by Greg Dulli, who started to grow fond of it when he and the rest of the Afghan Whigs spent considerable time here during the recording of their album "1965" in 1998, and it played a significant part in the revival of Frenchmen Street.

R Bar, New Orleans, LA
The bar has a pleasantly dark and intimate interior, and much of it resembles a fairly typical neighborhood dive except that it is so lively in the evenings. There are lots of chaotically collected artifacts, without being too kitschy, and various weekly events. On Mondays you can get a $10 haircut with a free shot. On Fridays there is a crawfish boil. On other days there are pig roasts and Paint Along With Bob Ross nights. The crowd is fun and it's yet another bar in this city that could be your absolute favorite in virtually any other town.

1431 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70116 - (504) 948-7499
Est. 1995
Previous bars in this location: Griffins
Web site: - facebook  
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Saturday, October 15, 2016

#2479 - Melvin's Bar, New Orleans - 3/22/2014

Melvin "Grease" Hoerner, namesake and long-time owner of Melvin's Bar, passed away in April of 2011 at the age of 72. His classic dive bar in Marigny remains, although it can appear to be closed and the front screen door is locked, requiring you to buzz the doorbell and have someone let you in (such precautions did not prevent it from being burglarized in 2015). In virtually any other city it would be the best dive in town, but here in the Big Easy it has to settle in somewhere in the top 10 or 15.

2112 St Claude Ave, New Orleans, LA 70116 - (504) 944-0088
Web site: facebook
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#2478 - Vaughan's, New Orleans - 3/22/2014

Vaughn's, New Orleans, LA
The legendary Kermit Ruffins gigs here ended in August of 2013, but the jazz still flows on Thursday nights (and only Thursday nights, by virtue of an agreement with the residential neighbors). On other days, if the door is locked you can ring the buzzer to have someone let you in.

Of the 20 years when Ruffins held court here the Times-Picayune notes: 'Such celebrities as Lenny Kravitz, Wynton Marsalis, members of the Rolling Stones, and Harry Connick Jr. -- who played nearly an entire set on piano one night, wearing a T-shirt and jeans -- turned up to sit in with Ruffins and his combo, the Barbecue Swingers. The first-season premiere episode of HBO's "Treme" featured a scene in which Elvis Costello shows up at Vaughan's to hear Ruffins. Basin Street Records released a live album recorded at the club that was as loose and raw as the show.' (gonola)

Vaughn's, New Orleans, LA
Night+Day New Orleans added, "With a swaggering style and a mission to make people dance, Ruffins plays like the reincarnation of Louis Armstrong. A sweaty crowd of young and old, black and white, crams into Vaughan's, singing along and shaking to the beat until the band goes home. Get there early to sample Ruffins' barbecue, which he cooks on a grill that he keeps in the back of his truck."

I'm sorry I missed them -- I mean, just listen to a few samples of cuts off of Live At Vaughan's. But this is still a lovely bar. Thursday nights have been taken over by Corey Henry and the Great Treme Funktet. On the the 3rd Friday of each month, drag queens take over. And on any afternoon you can enjoy its grand, ramshackle charm.

Charles and Edith from England -- Edith to be married in
half an hour, Charles her father, at Vaughns in New Orleans

4229 Dauphine St, New Orleans, LA 70117 - (504) 947-5562
Est. 1959
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