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Sunday, June 27, 2010

#1158 #S700 - KwaTay Lounge, Seattle - 6/18/2010

They have some interesting beer choices, and I definitely need to come back some time to try the food (from Ghana and Tanzania).  But the bar side is lackluster and the late scene seemed fairly boring -- though not as boring as the previous few businesses in this space. - myspace - foodosophy - seattlemet - seattle pi - yelp
315 1st Ave N., Seattle, WA 98109-4502 - (206) 588-2070

#1157 #S699 - Palace Ballroom, Seattle - 6/25/2010

Despite its affiliation with Tom Douglas and the Palace Kitchen, I have to assume that the quality of this event hall is basically determined on a day-to-day basis by the event itself. On this night I happened to be attending "Wine, Women, and Song," which is probably a bit unfair, because I'm a big fan of all three of those things.  But if Douglas is behind the food, it would be hard to go too wrong here.

2030 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121-2505 - (206) 448-2001 - yelp

#1156 - Lot No. 3, Bellevue - 6/25/2010

Update: The Heavy Restaurant Group announced the permanent closure of Lot #3 on August 27, 2020, due to ongoing challenge from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Update: Since I wrote the notes below on my first visit, I've taken a job in downtown Bellevue, and I've been to Lot #3 probably 60 or 70 times. This has not been merely a matter of convenience or a sort of least of evils. Bellevue is still Bellevue, its downtown still feels like one big mall, and if distance were no matter, no one who cares about a bar environment would choose to drink anywhere in Bellevue over the sort of environments one can find across Lake Washington in places like Bathtub Gin, The Hideout, Tavern Law, Knee High Stocking Co., Canon, etc. etc. etc.

That said, it's not Lot #3's fault that Bellevue is Bellevue, and while they missed various opportunities to carve out a warm, intimate space, you do have to hand it to a place that just keeps delivering excellent food and cocktails, from friendly people day after day. Some day someone is going to establish an intimate space somewhere in some Bellevue basement or old warehouse space, that truly does have a hidden, speakeasy sort of vibe, a character that doesn't look like it was designed by the people who market Louis Vuitton purses, and pulls in a crowd that is more interesting than a random slice of Microsofties. Until that day, one who finds oneself on the east side could do much, much worse than the consistently fine vittles and spirits at Lot #3.

Original review:

From the people behind Barrio(s) and Purple(s), Lot No. 3 has a menu which they describe as simple food and cocktails based on brown liquors.  The cocktail menu also emphasizes pre-prohibition-era drinks, which may be why multiple reviewers refer to it as having a "speakeasy vibe."  Bellevue reviewers also described the place as "intimate," which tells you little of the actual loud, modernist space, but a lot about Bellevue.

Of course the food is not simple, despite starting with a base of some familiar casual standard, and the place has nothing even approaching a "speakeasy vibe."  A speakeasy feel would require not only a bit more genuine intimacy, but at least a nod to some kind of hidden, secret location; Lot 3 has huge windows with the name in 5' high characters and Bellevue shoppers bustling past.  There's also the cold, modernist decor -- about the furthest thing one might imagine from a warm, 1930s, speakeasy vibe.  And finally, there's the irony of the word itself -- far from speaking easily, our party had to shout and shift chairs to hear each other speak from around a coffee table in the giant, metal alloy environs preferred by the Heavy Restaurant Group.

Nevertheless, there are the old cocktails, which are well-chosen and well-made.  I had a Corpse Reviver and the Boulevardier with rye, and very much enjoyed them.  If I could get them in a setting that actually had a speakeasy vibe, I might come back often.

460 106th Ave, Bellevue, WA 98004460 106th Ave NE, Bellevue WA - (425) 440-0025
Est. May 21, 2010 - Closed Aug 27, 2020 - Building constructed 2008 - press release - - - seattle pi - seattle times - yelp

#1155 #S698 - Trinity, Seattle - 6/24/2010

My minimum requirement for adding a bar to this list is having one drink at the place, and when I don't trust the bartender, my standard order is a gin & tonic.  It's hard to make a gin & tonic very badly and also -- and this can be important in some places -- the ingredients are right in the name.  After quickly and not so happily doing this minimum at neighboring Aura, I thought I'd drop just as quickly into and out of Trinity, and sacrifice the night to knocking off two places I was bound to dislike.  But a funny thing happened on the second half of that project -- I actually liked Trinity.

It's not my music, it's not my crowd, and it's not where you'd go for a first rate cocktail, but Trinity was happening.  My good impression started with the interesting decor and the way the vibe changes as you move from room to room.  Of course most people are in the main dance area, where a DJ was doing a great job creating interesting mixes of sounds, songs and samples, and where they put in more creativity than just installing the standard bump and grind lighting system.  There's the main bar area with its own DJ playing somewhat more mellow tunes from a loft that looks like an old Chinese temple.  And there is a comfortable, relatively quiet room -- that is, quiet enough that you can talk without pressing your mouth within an inch of the listener's ear.  The crowd, at least on this night, was varied and interesting, with a minimum of the cliques of boring people dressed exactly alike, as you so often see in this part of town.

Historical Notes:  This address has hosted bars since at least 1898.  City guides list various owners from that year through the early 1900s, and by 1909 up until prohibition it was The Bohemian or The Bohemian Liquor house. In or shortly before 1960 it became the Totem Pole Tavern, and by 1965 the One Eleven Yesler Tavern. From the early 70s to 1992 it was the Pioneer Square Tavern, or "The Square." It was the first of four locations for The Fenix (The Fenix Cafe) in 1992, and was hosted the Bohemian and Velvet Elvis before the spaces were connected for Trinity.

111 Yesler Way, Seattle, WA 98104 - (206) 447-4140
Est. 2006 - Building constructed 1890
Previous bars in this location: Fenix Café, Bohemian Café, Velvet Elvis, One Eleven Yesler Tavern, Totem Pole Tavern, Pioneer Square Tavern, The Bohemian
Web site: - facebook
Articles:  examiner - thrillist - yelp - tripadvisor - the stranger - roadtrippers

#1154 #S697 - Aura, Seattle - 6/24/2010

After my brief visit here it didn't surprise me at all to read that when you ask the bartender for the cocktail he would make for himself, he recommends a Jager and Red Bull.  Well thank God that that's over with.

309 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104 - (206) 792-0238
Est. 2009
Other bars at this location: Rupert's Pioneer Square, Juan O'Rily's Aqua Lounge, Klub Kastle, El Lobo Loco, Wild Palms, Starbar - seattle weekly - yelp

#1153 #S696 - Table 35, Seattle - 6/23/2010

Update: Table 35 closed in Oct. 2010

This is still a fairly cool looking place, but the changes to the decor seem to be primarily just subtractions from the ultra swanky Ama Ama. The cocktails seem to be okay, but not in the league of, say, the Feedback. I had a Port of Seattle (Warres Otima 10-year Tawny Port, Rogue Dead Guy whiskey, bitters, served up with a bourbon soaked cherry) which was nice. I am glad someone is maintaining the space as a romantic sort of venue, but the Table 35 owners (who also own Salute in Bellevue) don't have the same dedication to the ambiance as Ama Ama did.  Or course Ama Ama went under, so maybe it's more practical to have televisions with sports and a sound system playing Top 40 sorts of music, but it certainly does not help either the romance or the perception that you're in some place unique.

4752 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116 - (206) 407-3474
Est. Jan 2010 - Closed Oct 2010 - Building constructed: 1910
Previous bars at this location: Guppy's West, Ovio Bistro, Ama Ama Oyster Bar
Subsequent bars at this location: A Terrible Beauty - facebook - west seattle blog - seattle weekly - yelp - urbanspoon

#1152 #S695 - Redline Music & Sports, Seattle - 6/23/2010

Update:  The Redline closed in Sept. 2010.

As I headed out to the Redline, a friend who lives in the West Seattle area warned me that she would not go to this place dressed as I was.  It was a rare sunny Seattle 2010 day, and I was looking pretty touristy, with shorts, tiki shirt, and straw hat.  The friend warned of a bar filled with clientele recently released from prison.  Naturally, this just made me all the more interested in checking out the Redline, and I was sorely disappointed when I found only a small group of frumpy patrons doing karaoke.

I don't know exactly what my friend has experienced, but the Redline I saw had basically a college spring break sort of vibe, with a calendar full of things like 25 Cent Wings night, $1 Taco night, bikini contests, and a visit from the Jager Girls.  The new owner does allude to a previous reputation for the location, but the only thing threatening that I saw was way too much Wazzu Cougar paraphernalia. 

4439 35th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98126 - (206) 938-3598
Established 2007 - Closed Sep 2010 - Building constructed 1926
Previous bars in this location: Legends Sports Bar - myspace - west seattle blog - yelp

#1151 #S694 - The Market Arms, Seattle - 6/22/2010

From the owner of the George & Dragon, a somewhat more gentrified British Pub style place with typical pub food, sexy servers, good beer, and soccer on TVs.

2401 NW Market St, Seattle, WA 98107 - 206-789-0470 - thrillist - the stranger - seattle weekly - yelp

#1150 - Hell's Kitchen, Tacoma, WA - 6/20/2010

Hell's Kitchen closed in late June 2012 (people involved later opened The Lochs in this space).

928 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA 98402-4402 - (253) 759-6003
Est. ? (approx. 2002) - Closed 2012 - myspace - yelp 

#1149 - The Swiss, Tacoma, WA - 6/20/2010

Update: The Swiss announced their permanent closure on Sep 12, 2020.

The Swiss is a great example of urban renewal via giving new life to great old abused spaces .  The large rooms were first The Swiss Club in 1913, "a meeting place for Swiss immigrants to conduct business, hold dances, throw back a few, and just enjoy the company and fellowship of others." 

It was subsequently "improved" and then abandoned, until the current owners, three friends who worked at Engine No 9, reclaimed it from the drug dealers, rescued much of its original character, and reopened in 1993. 

They sanded the Kelly green paint off the original South African mahogany bar, removed the acoustic tiles hiding the pressed tin ceiling, chased away drug dealers and added art and good beer.  They added a stage and music schedule (and at one time plays). 

It's a great victory for people who love old bars.

1904 S. Jefferson Ave., Tacoma, WA, 98402 - (253) 572-2821 - history - myspace - yelp

#1148 - Acme Grub Cage Tavern, Tacoma, WA - 6/20/2010

Update: The Acme Grub Cage closed Aug 5, 2017.

How can you resist a place called the Acme Grub Cage?  This is a fairly typical, medium-sized, neighborhood dive, with beer company decor mixed with Halloween decorations.  They have some interesting beers, a stage area for live bands, Twister, and a stripper pole.  Rob the bartender told me the Grub Cage has been around since 1932 (this would, of course, been during Prohibition), and that it moved to its current location sometime in the 40s or 50s.  New owner Steve Campagna apparently cleaned the place up considerably a few years ago.

1310 Tacoma Ave S, Tacoma, WA 98402 - (253) 272-1892
Previous bars at this location: None known
Subsequent bars at this location: The Camp Bar
facebook - northwest military - yelp

Saturday, June 26, 2010

#1147 #S693 - Habana SoDo, Seattle - 6/19/2010

I am not a big fan of salsa, but I am a big fan of hot women in tight clothing.  What first appears to be a smallish, glass enclosed space opens into a large warehouse space in back where the dancing action takes place.  As for the bar, well you don't go there for the cocktails.

2942 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134 - (206) 829-9956
facebook - yelp

#1146 #S692 - Club Kolbeh, Seattle - 6/19/2010

Update: Club Kolbeh is now closed.

The bar at Kolbeh, AKA Astoria, is pretty standard -- that is, the liquor bar, not the hookah bar around the corner, I wouldn't begin to know how to judge the latter.

The service has received quite a few bad reviews, and was not very attentive when I went, though not terrible.  The Persian food I had was quite good, and I would have liked to have been able to stay longer to check out the music.

1956 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134 - (206) 224-9999
the stranger - yelp - citysearch 

#1145 #S691 - Targy's Tavern, Seattle - 6/18/2010

I had never even seen Targy's before this date and had a picture in my head of a boring bar somewhere in lower Queen Anne. What I found was a very fine neighborhood dive, nearly hidden in a residential area of Upper Queen Anne since shortly after prohibition.
The one-armed bartender informed me that it was I had never even seen Targy's before this date and had a picture in my head of a boring bar somewhere in lower Queen Anne.  What I found was a very fine neighborhood dive, nearly hidden in a residential area of Upper Queen Anne since shortly after prohibition.  originally across the street.  The decor is a likable dive sort, with varying vestiges of decades past like the blue sofa across from the black and red vinyl booths in front of 70s orange and mirror patterned wallpaper.

600 W Crockett St, Seattle, WA 98119 - (206) 352-8882
myspacethe stranger - yelp

Monday, June 21, 2010

#1144 #S690 - Buckley's (Queen Anne), Seattle - 6/18/2010

I'm not a fan of sports bars generally, and the ones I do like tend to be old ones, where the memorabilia has the appearance of accruing over years with a personal touch, rather than a single trip to the mall.  Nevertheless, I like this Buckley's.  The crowd is likable, the service is friendly, and the decor is lots of dark wood and books.  Even if the books are of the buy-by-the-yard variety, they give the place an older, more comfortable feel.

232 1st Ave W, Seattle, WA 98119 - (206) 691-0232- - facebook - seattle pi - the stranger - yelp

#1143 #S689 - The Signature, Seattle - 6/18/2010

Update: The Signature closed in mid-April 2012.  It was replaced by Red Papaya Ale and Spirits.

A very nice Vietnamese restaurant, which in the evenings turns into one of the most gawdawful karaoke bars imaginable.

530 1st Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109 - (206) 283-6614 - seattle weekly - the stranger - yelp

#1142 #S688 - Grand Jumbo Chinese Cocktail Lounge, Seattle - 6/17/2010

The Grand Jumbo Chinese Restaurant is not prone to understatement, and above the door to the lounge there are large letters spelling out "BOSS," which makes me wonder if it is actually the Grand Jumbo Boss Lounge?

I didn't have the opportunity to eat there, and at 10-ish on a Thursday evening the large space hosted only one large table of patrons taking turns singing Vietnamese karaoke, and three or four more sitting at the bar.  The lounge is partitioned off in the manner of hotel meeting rooms, and my googling indicated that it sometimes hosts raves.  The gals working the bar were apologetic that their regular bartender was not there to prepare cocktails, but they were very solicitous in gathering the ingredients for a gin and tonic.

As the web site notes (to the tune of a lilting piano), "In 2009 the GJR proudly welcomed Danny to the management team.  Danny is kind, accessible, and very always entertaining."  The complete text of the "Bar" page is currently "Bar Menu:  Bar."  I didn't meet Danny, so I can't personally confirm that he is very always entertaining, but the people working the bar were very pleasant and attentive. - seattle weekly - seattle times - the stranger - urban spoon - ravelinks - yelp
4208 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118 - (206) 760-9200

#1141 #S687 - Columbia City Ale House, Seattle - 6/17/2010

From the folks who pretty much invented the grastropub in Seattle, The Columbia Ale House is the sister to the Hilltop and 74th Street.  That means they have very good food, excellent rotating specials and soups, and a very good selection of craft beers in a British pub sort of setting.

4914 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118 - (206) 723-5123 - facebook - seattle times - the stranger - yelp

Sunday, June 20, 2010

#1140 #S686 - Angie's Tavern, Seattle - 6/17/2010

Angie's is a classic neighborhood dive housed in a structure built in 1905 that has been home to a bar since shortly after prohibition, which is apparently closing after Saturday June 20 2010, as the state refuses to renew their liquor license.

The structure was originally a barber shop and pool room -- there were no saloons in the town at the time, as Columbia City was a "dry" town until it was annexed by Seattle in 1907.  It begins being listed under bars again in 1958 as Columbia Billards, then The Pink Poodle starting in 1960, and subsequently hosted bars named Alex's Tavern, Bo Jo's, Al Joe's Tavern, and Bert-N-Anne's Tavern. It was renamed Angie's Tavern in 1985.

For many, Angie's happily preserved a bit of the old Columbia City, as the other side of the street became increasingly gentrified.  (The racial difference of patrons of the respective sides of Rainier Ave was fairly remarkable at the time).  I went on what seemed like the perfect night, catching the last half of game seven of the NBA championship.  The crowd seemed pretty evenly split between Celtics and Lakers fans, and I can't imagine that Staples Center was any louder than Angie's on that night.  ("Get your ass up off the ground!"  "Here they come!  Here they come!"  "It's irrelevant!  It's irrelevant!")

Angie's made Mike Seeley's list of Seattle's 10 Most Intimidating Dive Bars, and the state liquor board is refusing to renew the tavern's liquor license due to the number of problems with drugs, fights, and gunfire.  I don't know how much the existence of Angie's contributed to those problems, but it's a shame to see this place go. After the 2010 closure, the building was razed in August 2013.

4915 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118 - (206) 722-7771
Est. 1985 - Closed 2010 - Building constructed 1905
Previous bars at this location: Pink Poodle, Alex's Tavern, Bo Jo's, Al Joe's Tavern, Bert-N-Anne's Tavern
seattle pi - uw digital collection - rainier valley post - the stranger - - yelp

Friday, June 18, 2010

#1136 #S683 - Laadla Lounge, Seattle - 6/14/2010

Now this is a swell dive bar.  It's super dark, even in the daytime, with cheap, strong drinks and decor that looks like it was obtained via some cousin in the Mafia.

Oh, and as the photograph shows, the men's room wallpaper is fabulous.

234 Fairview Ave N, seattle, WA 98109 - (206) 223-1980
Previous bars in this location: The Nine Tavern, Fairview Bar and Grill - the stranger - seattle weekly - yelp

Thursday, June 17, 2010

#1135 #S682 - Paddy Coyne's (SLU), Seattle - 6/14/2010

Update: The South Lake Union Paddy Coyne's changed its name to O’Máille’s Irish Pub in late 2015 and then closed in early 2016.

One of the more likable Irish bars in the Seattle area.  It's moderately sized, but with enough corners and crannies to feel fairly intimate.  The "Irish Club" plaques include people like "Big Will" and "Tizzy Tom."

Unfortunately, they serve authentic Irish food, but there's enough liquor and good beer to get you through even that.

1190 Thomas St, Seattle, WA 98109-5331 - (206) 405-1548 - seattle times - seattle pi - seattle weekly - the stranger - yelp

#1139 #S685 - Talarico's, Seattle - 6/16/2010

4718 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116 - (206) 937-3463               
Est. 2006? - Building constructed: 1950
Previous bars in this location: New Luck Toy (1950-2005) - myspace - seattle times - the stranger - urbanspoon - yelp

#1138 #S684 - Maharaja, Seattle - 6/16/2010

4542 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116 - (206) 935-9443              
Est. 1989 - Building constructed: 1929
Previous bars in this location: Vann's Restaurant / The Discover Room (1934-1985) - urbanspoon - yelp

#1137 - Jerzy's Wine Bar, Redmond, WA - 6/16/2010

I'm not a big fan of wine bars, given that they tend to be pretty formulaic, and that you can buy a really good bottle of wine at any QFC. But Jerzy's Wine Bar and Bistro is a happy exception.

It seems to rise up like some red farmhouse accidentally dropped in the middle of an intersection, with signage that looks more like a suburban burger joint than a wine bar and European bistro.  Outside is a nice sort of tiki hut area that must be really pleasant in years when the Seattle area actually has some Spring weather.

There are, of course, lots of intriguing wines to choose from and the varied menu made it really challenging to narrow down my choice (I eventually ended up with a very tasty Croque Monsieur, with ham, Gruyere cheeses, and Bechamel sauce, and a Caprese salad). I don't make it down to these parts very often, but if I did, I think this would be a regular stop.

16727 Redmond Way, Redmond, WA 98052 - (425) 861-5407 - urbanspoon - yelp

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

#1134 #S681 - Southlake Grill, Seattle - 6/14/2010

There's nothing really outstanding about the Southlake grill family of neighborhood places, and they're not a place I'd recommend if you want a bar.  But they do have fairly good food, and while I probably won't see this one again, I like having the Greenlake version available near my house, and will hit the Eastlake version now and then for the view.  The residents of the condos this one is built into may feel the same way, and it has a pleasant patio for nice days, but the "Southlake" name is strictly for the neighborhood -- there's no hint of the actual lake from here.

1253 Thomas St, Seattle, WA 98109 - (206) 621-1090 (warning: music) - seattle times - the stranger - yelp

#1133 #S680 - Chandler's Crabhouse, Seattle - 6/14/2010

The craft cocktail trend does not appear to have reached as far as Chandler's Cove -- it's all flavored vodkas and berry syrups.  But one can't underestimate the value of a seat on Lake Union on a sunny day either.

901 Fairview Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109 - (206) 223-2722 - seattle times - seattle pi - the stranger - yelp

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

#1132 #S679 - Mix, Seattle - 6/13/2010

Update: The Mix closed on Oct 31, 2015.

The bar here is fairly minimal, with some fine beer choices, but it's the nifty, funky club and music that are the focus.  It has a nice garage-y feel, and co-owner David was very cool and showed me around their Khaos Records studio next door, where the main mixing area, elevated and surrounded with monitors, looks like the heardquarters of some supervillain about to take over the world.

6004 12th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108 - (206) 767-0280
myspace - seattle weekly - the stranger - citysearch

Sunday, June 13, 2010

#1131 #S678 - Ravish, Seattle - 6/12/2010

Update: Ravish closed in March 2015.

I'm not too fond of the setting for this place -- it's one of those retail spaces on the ground floor of new condo buildings -- but everything else is pretty super.  Their Prickly Pear (Pear Absolut, Hot Monkey jalapeno vodka, Saint Germain, lime, cucumber, sweet & sour, and a dash of tabasco) is particularly delicious.

The food was very good as well.  (I had a Grapple salad, curry flank steak satay, and flatbread with goat cheese, grapes, and carmelized onion.)  This place is less than a year old and doesn't seem to have been much discovered yet, but I'll definitely be coming back.

2956 Eastlake Ave E., Seattle, WA 98102 - (206) 913-2497
Est. 2009 - Closed Mar 19, 2015 - Building constructed 2008 - facebook - the stranger - urbanspoon - yelp

#1130 #S677 - All Nations Soccer Bar, Seattle - 6/12/2010

Update: All Nations Sports Bar is closed.

I just dropped in for a quick gin & tonic and the last part of the US/England World Cup match.  But I will have to return, as they have an impressive looking set of infusions and what looks like a tasty Cuba Libre. This bar comes from Sam Hassan, who first introduced rodizio dining to Seattle at Rio and also founded Sambar and Ipanema.

930 N 130th St, Seattle, WA 98133 - (206) 365-5165 - facebook - seattle times - the stranger - yelp

Saturday, June 12, 2010

#1129 -The Hob Nob, Tacoma, WA - 6/9/2010

A nice little dive and greasy spoon, with a reputation for Bloody Marys and hangover food.  It's hard not to like a bar with an alley entrance.

716 South 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA 98405-4603 - (253) 272-3200
facebook - myspaceyelp

#1128 #S676 - Cafe Metropolitain, Seattle - 6/9/2010

Wow, this was a surprise.  I expected a small cafe up until the point I walked through the doorway and found a large space that tries to recreate the streets of Paris.

The food and drinks are not very interesting, but the decor certainly is.

1701 E Olive Way, Seattle, WA 98102 - (206) 324-0771 - myspace - the stranger - yelp

Sunday, June 06, 2010

#1127 #S675 - Cafe Amore, Seattle - 6/5/2010

To be frank, I just went to this place for a quick addition to my list and not with any high expectations of the bar.  But this turned into a great visit.  Their "Cucumber Mist" (infused cucumber vodka, lime, black pepper, splashed sugar) not only further entrenched my belief that there's never a bad cocktail with cucumber, but it was just about the perfect refreshing cocktail for the first sustained sunny weather in a long, long time.

Maybe this was due partially to that oh so rare sun, but the staff were all super friendly (including chef/owner Sean Langan).  And it was especially pleasant to chat with Ernie the bartender, who had me try various things including some ideas they're working on for "wine bombs."  You might think that sounds wretched, but the don't actually drop liquors into the wines, they just give you an interesting combination of a glass of wine and shot of liquor.  It's actually pretty nice.

I passed on the (Italian) food, as I was about to go to a happy hour at the house of a friend known for her large spreads, but I did take a look at the menu and definitely plan to be back for dinner soon (and another cocktail or two).  I also subsequently found online that they served 500 homeless people to Thanksgiving dinner.

2301 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121 - (206) 770-0606 - myspace - seattle times - yelp - the stranger  

#1126 #S674 - Night Kitchen, Seattle - 6/4/2010

Update:  The Night Kitchen closed in August 2011

I like this place.  In addition to being one of precious few downtown bars with character and having The Pogues playing when I first arrived, they serve slightly upscale comfort food until 6am and feature some tasty cocktails.

Missy, the bartender during my visit recommended the Pangalactic Gargle Blaster -- which sounds like a terrible drink but is actually quite good (St. Germain, muddled mint and red pepper, Hendricks gin, orange bitters, and possibly something else I forgot).

216 Stewart St, Seattle, WA 98101 - (206) 448-8810 - seattlest - the strangeryelp