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Thursday, January 31, 2013

#1939 - The Drink (Plaza), Las Vegas - 10/13/2012

Update: The Drink closed in November 2012 and owner Cools announced that he is out of the bar business. The Drink is being replaced by Z Bar.

The Plaza, and its bar The Drink, are weird.

The Plaza hotel and casino might be seem as perfectly representing the downtown Las Vegas area, as it seems to teeter between glorious rehabilitation and collapsing into squalor. It is on the site of the old Union Pacific railroad station, and part of the current structure houses a Greyhound Bus station. The bar, called "The Drink," is owned by Anthony Cools, a "comedic hypnotist" and the "King of Sociability."

The Drink recently replaced a miniature golf / dueling pianos / Elvis-themed bar which tourists mistook for a sex club. "It seems owner and hypnotist Anthony Cools got tired of people standing in the windows to look in without coming in to the bar. See, people thought the place was a real live swingers club despite massive windows looking in on the golf-themed bar, a miniature golf course and Caddyshack images on the walls." (Eater) The new place features hourly 25-cent "sociables," shots that everyone in the bar downs when the bell rings and after you shout out together "sociable!"

I am not making this up.

1 S Main St, Las Vegas, NV 89101 - (877) 687-5875
Est. Aug 2012 - Closed Nov 26, 2012
Previous bars in this location: Swingers Club
Web site:
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