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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

#1903 #S1072 - Soban Restaurant and Lounge, Seattle - 9/26/2012

In recent years, this spot across the street from the Convention Center has offered pan-Asian menus centered around first Vietnamese and now Korean dishes. As it evolved from "Bambuza" and "820 Pike Street" to Soban, they've put in a lot of work to attract an evening crowd. The place now has an actual bar, it DJ loft, karaoke, and the NFL package. Bartender Phi-Du was a friendly and enthusiastic host.

But the cocktails? Well, let's just say that it wasn't my demographic. To impress me with the bar, Phi-Du showed me what he thought might be the largest selection of flavored vodkas in the city. Good luck, but not a place for me.

820 Pike St, Seattle, WA 98101 - (206) 219-5555             
Est. Sep 14, 2012 - Building constructed: 2003
Previous bars in this location: None known
Web site: - facebook
Reviews: thestranger - seattletimes - seattlepi - thrillist - yelp

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