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Saturday, January 12, 2013

#1898 - Starlite Bar and Grill, Tacoma - 9/21/2012

The Starlite Lounge, Tacoma, WA
The faded signage and ornate entryway of the "Starlite Lounge" hint at some glossy past that make we wish I could find pictures and accounts of the place in whatever passed for its heyday. The exterior is now moss covered and dilapidated to the extent that it is hard to believe there is an active business inside. But there is, and the interior shows that some much needed remodeling and redecorating work is underway. Inside there are few hints of the old charm promised by the front of the place, and unfortunately the redocorating seems to be basically adding TVs and cheap Seahawks and Mariners paraphernalia, and embracing a sports bar theme -- in other words, taking the boring interior portion and making it even more boring.  I just hope the basic exterior survives the eviction of remaining  personality.

A segment of old wall paper, temporarily visible at the Starlite Lounge
5231 South Tacoma Way Tacoma, WA 98409 (253) 472-7299

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