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Saturday, January 05, 2013

#1884 #S1059 - Add-A-Ball Arcade, Seattle - 9/4/2011

"We weren’t going for the creepy-uncle’s-rumpus-room feel," Add-a-Ball owner Travis Echert told Komo News, "But, that’s kind of what happened." Travis and his Partner Brad Johnson used to run ADD Motorworks here, fixing scooters in a basement space off an alley in the building that hosts the Piece of Mind head shop. Parties and pin-ball tournaments evidently led to converting to a new business that hosts vintages pin-ball and video games for the over 21 crowd along with beer. The games are mixed in with funky garage items, old board games, piles of spark plugs, and oddities.

I had a pleasant chat with Brad and customer Meredith at the 2-seat bar with 2 taps and a decent choice of beer in cans. Brad was in the midst of expanding to their second location, John John's Game Room on Capitol Hill. I'm not much of a gamer myself, but it is a cool little hangout.

315 N 36th St, Unit 2B, Seattle, WA 98103 - (206) 696-1613
Est. Dec 2011 - Building constructed: 1900 or earlier
Previous bars in this location: None known
Web site: - facebook
Best Reviews: komonews - fremontuniverse - fremocentrist - thrillist - skill-shot - findwell - yelp

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