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Sunday, January 13, 2013

#1900 - Peterson Bros. 1111, Tacoma - 9/22/2012

Peterson Brothers' Eleven Eleven is a new bar and sandwich shop in the Hilltop neighborhood of Tacoma. It was created and is run by twin brothers Robby and Justin Peterson, whose father is one of the owners of The Swiss, and who have learned the business through jobs there, at Hell's Kitchen, the Hotel Bar and Grill, Jazzbones, other Tacoma institutions. It is named for the address at 1111 11th -- and I felt a little foolish calling to see what time they opened -- 11am of course.

Robby and Justin are friendly and funny, and make you feel like you want to hang out there often. The bar was decorated to look like an old dive that feels like it has been in the neighborhood for decades. It includes a bar made by the brothers from wood salvaged from the old Nalley Pickle Factory, in "Nalley Valley." It attracts a pretty young and hipster-heavy crowd. In addition to a good selection of beers and spirits, the 1111 serves some excellent sandwiches and good soups.

One warning -- you may feel out of place if you do not have a substantial beard. The only person working there who did not have a big beard was the one female, and one of the guys told me they were working on how to get her one.

Historical Notes:  There has been a bar in this space off and on since at least soon after prohibition. City guides list a bar owned by Andrew Molberg in 1935. By 1960 it was Abe's Tavern, and by 1970 it was Michael Eleven Eleven Tavern (or a close variation on that).

1111 S 11th St, Tacoma, WA 98405 - (253) 284-1111
Est. June 27, 2012
Previous bars at this location: Michael's 1111, Abe's Tavern
Web site: facebook
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Anonymous said...

Hilltop's everyday neighborhood bar full of friendly folk. Fresh food made to order from scratch.