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Monday, October 24, 2011

#1562 - Goldfish Tavern, Ruston, WA - 9/24/2011

The Defiant Goldfish, Ruston, WA

Later Update: The Defiant Goldfish closed again September 3, 2017.

Update: After apparently being in business since shortly after prohibition, the Goldfish closed in the Fall of 2012, after the then owner, struggling with declining health, a drop in business and a lack of experience (she inherited the bar in a divorce settlement) fell into arears on the lease. While that certainly raised fears for the fans of this great little place right across the street from Point Defiance Park, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as a couple new owners with varied bar experience stepped in, added even more character than the bar had before (a rarity for remodels of old dives), as well as shuffleboard, an improved patio, some very tasty pizza and other food items, and a nice selection of beers and wines. Various financial challenges such as dealing with the ancient underground gas tanks of the one-time gas station were managed with the help of Kickstarter campaign and the city of Tacoma’s Community and Economic Development Department. So congrats to the owners, the locals, and the city government for all helping preserve this historical little gem. The Defiant Goldfish re-opened July 20, 2016.

The Defiant Goldfish, Ruston, WA

Luau Pizza, The Defiant Goldfish, Ruston, WA

A nifty little dive bar across from Point Defiance Park, with a pretty decent beer selection (no liquor).  The sign says it's been around since right after prohibition, and a lot of the folks who have been there since have carved their names into the wooden bar and tables.

5310 North Pearl Street, Ruston, WA 98407 - (253) 759-7474
Est. 1933 - Constructed 1929
Website: - facebook
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April 2019: closed.