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Saturday, October 08, 2011

#1495 - Pete's Tavern, Nampa, ID - 7/2/2011

We were in Nampa for a celebration of the 100th anniversary of my cousins' ranch house in the area, and looking to kill a bit of time.  I had no particular reason to think Pete's Tavern would hold much of interest for other than the fact that it has my name.  What a splendid surprise to find that this place in the old part of Nampa is full of character and pregnant with history.

The current owner, Linda, informed me that it's been a bar since 1945 and is in a building constructed in the 19th century (I thought she said 1869, but that must surely be wrong).  Before it was Pete's, it was the Owyhee Lounge, and before that it was a butcher shop, a Chinese laundry, and a speakeasy.  The walls collect various local history, including a Playboy centerfold which we were informed was the daughter of a local doctor, thus causing a local scandal.

Things got even more interesting when Linda took us in back, to a portion called "The Cave."  This has indeed been made to look like a cave inside, and contains vestiges of its illicit past in the massively thick door and sliding peephole.  Finding this place was a great bit of bar history serendipity.

11 12th Avenue South, Nampa, ID - (208) 466-9280
Est. 1945 - Building constructed: 1869

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