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Monday, December 26, 2011

#1605 - Jodie's Drink, Everett, WA - 11/17/2011

Jodie's Drink, AKA Jodie's Bikini Bar, is a classic dive with the addition of scantily clad bartenders, ala the bikini barrista trend.  With the exception of bartenders showing more skin, it is a very typical dive, and appropriately pours strong, cheap drinks for a friendly group of blue collar patrons.  Owner Jodie claims this is the first bikini bar in Washington state, so here's to the pioneers. 

For details, I quote the Everett News:

Bartenders wear bikini bottoms and they used to wear pasties on top but apparently the liquor board put a stop to that so they have string bikini tops.  She stressed that its not a strip club, there are no table dances just cheap drinks and food. She said her background is in strip clubs and her family had been involved with several in the Everett area over the years. She told me things here are going so good that she is scouting for three or four more locations outside of Everett. She said there are lots of rules, no cameras allowed and don’t try and take a picture with your cell phone. They open at 9am for breakfast with food, drink and bikinis all the way until 2am. With the explosion of Bikini Barista stands popping up all over Everett it will be interesting to see if more bars will follow this trend.

1817 Broadway Ave, Everett, WA 98201 - (425) 304-1039
Est. July 2010
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yugenro said...

Does anybody know if this place is still in operation? I've tried calling, but this number has been disconnected...

Jodies Drink said...

We are open we dont use a land line to many men call the girls and ask what they are wearing, LOL thanks for your interest

Anonymous said...

If you like bar fights, drunks falling over the place, people peeing on the side of the building, taking a chance as whether or not there will be girls or if they will even be open, people punching out or shooting windows, weak drinks and so so girls come here

Jodies Drink said...

Woohoo' It's our 2nd birthday! We are having a blast and loving the summer, We still have the best and cheapest drinks, Wed wells are $1.50 all day. We have Deluxe Cheeseburgers for $2 pizzas for $6 made to order "Not Frozen or pre made' Fresh just the way we like em' We also have a great Sunday with Bloody Marys and Glazed Doughnut Bacon Cheeseburgers'We have hot girls hope you have a thing for blondes these days "LOL" Anyways if you havent been here come in and check it out you wont be dissapointed. There is none of the nonsence listed by Anonymous said! They probably got turned down by one of my girls...