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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

#1580 #S940 - Hilliard's Beer, Seattle - 10/14/2011

Hilliards was acquired by Odin Brewing in 2016 and the taproom at this location phased out. The space has been adquired by Lagunitas.

The Hilliard's tasting room comprises a small bar, some wooden cable drum tables, and a few concrete seats tucked in the corner of a pretty sizable brewing warehouse in Ballard.  Ambitious new brewers Ryan Hilliard and Adam Merkl, who plan to skip the microbrew stage and go straight to regional brewers, covet the other half of the building, which currently hosts practices by a roller derby team.  Their self-financed facilities produce brews in 450 gallon lots and they can their beer with a machine that produces 24 cans a minute.

The owners are amiable and enjoyable to converse with.  They are carving a niche in the craft beer business by skipping the usual IPAs and starting with brews like an amber and a saison, and with large runs in cans.  The cans are very attractive, and the brewing facilities themselves are a great makeover of a dilapidated old auto warehouse.  It's large and industrial, but they pay attention to details, from the hops, to the cans, to the paint.

On Saturdays, you can also grab some dinner from visiting food trucks from the likes of Skillet, Snout & Co., and WhereYaAtMatt. 

1550 NW 49th Street, Seattle, WA 98107 - (206) 465-0078
Est. Oct. 7, 2011   Building constructed: 1947 - fueledbybeer - seattlemag - seattlebeernews - seattlemet - thestranger - yelp

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