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Saturday, December 10, 2011

#1582 #S942 - C.C.Attles, Seattle - 10/18/2011

People go to CC Attles for the people at CC Attles, not for the unique decor or a fine cocktail.  So there are a lot of people very happy to see the much liked bear bar back in action.  But for the sake of variety, it's sad to see someplace as different as Café Metropolitain replaced with a remodel as utterly boring as CC's.

Café Metropolitain was by no means a great bar.  But it took the space in one more of those boring condos-above / retail-below buildings steadily diminishing the character from our neighborhoods, and turned it into something unique and surprising. One walked under the condos and into a Disney-like slice of Paris streets at night, with a fountain, cobblestones, and string lights.

CC's pours dive bar style cocktails (poorly made, but cheap and strong), and tries to replace the patio of the old location with, essentially, a hallway at the side of the room. If you want to have a night out with burly, gay men, CC's still seems to be one of your better choices, and the owner promises "no attitude." I'm obviously not in their target demographic, and perhaps boring and plain decor (with the exception of a large, plaster, Tom of Finland style figure) is just the right complement for a neighborhood bear bar that resents attitude. But speaking strictly from the personal tastes of someone who rather "collects" bars and likes to feel a strong, unique character, no matter what kind of bar it is, a little more attitude might have gone a long way.

1701 E Olive Way Seattle, WA 98102 - (206) 726-0565
Est. June 11, 2011 (relocated from 1501 E Madison)  - Building constructed: 1993
Other bars at this location: Café Metropolitain  (Henry's Off Broadway in a previous building) (NSFW) - facebook - thestrangeryelp

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