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Sunday, December 25, 2011

#1604 #S960 - Heidelberg Haus, Seattle - 11/16/2011

Update: Heidelberg Haus closed January 31, 2016

At the moment the bar in this new German restaurant is about as about as meager as a bar can get.  There are exactly four wine options and four beers on tap, and a lot of blank, empty space on the walls.  But the plans are to eventually expand to a full bar.

In the meantime, lest you think the Heidelberg Haus to just a kitschy theme for a typical neighborhood pub, here you can have some rarely delicious, made-from-scratch, southern German food, and in a place where most the staff and about half the patrons converse in German.  The bartender told me about his father still bringing him homemade Schnapps from the Black Forest.

I had the Wienerschnitzel mit spatzle and an extra side of the Kartoffelsalat (potato salad), with a pint of Weihenstephaner Premium Lager.  A couple patrons with much more experience than I in German cuisine assured me that this was some of the best schnitzel they'd had.  I am personally not a large fan of lagers, nor most German beers, so I will leave comments here to persons who share those tastes.  But I will say that I would be very surprised if you would find better German food in many places in our area, and while the bar area is a bit overly bright for a bar, the company is interesting and engaging.

2122 NE 65th St, Seattle, WA 98115 - (206) 466-5369
Est. Nov. 10, 2011 - Closed Jan 1, 2016 - Building constructed: 1921 
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