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Thursday, May 13, 2010

#1101 #S649 - Wann, Seattle - 5/8/2010

The fact that Wann's bar generally sticks to the basics is reflected in the bartender's answer to my question about his favorite cocktail:  Ketel One, rocks.  As the web site explains, and then seemingly contradicts itself, "[Izakaya] restaurants are often informal and have a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere....  WANN have brought class, sophistication and refinement to match the modern people of today."

I don't know if I count among the "modern people of today," but as I understand it, izakaya (literally "sake place") are basically places for drinks and upscale small plates, i.e. another tapas bar for Belltown, and the decor of Wann is apparently quite redolent of the Tokyo versions.  It does seem to provide a crush of subcultures, with a minimalist, woody interior -- and booths floating over rock gardens -- but a bar that ends with a view of a wildly colorful mural by a tattoo artist.

2020 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121 - (206) 441-5637 - seattle times - seattle weekly - yelp - the stranger

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