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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

#1092 - ShuJack's Bar & Grill, Elma, WA - 5/3/2010

The sign outside ShuJack's Bar & Grill announces that it is the "friendliest bar in town." In case you don't have a handy bar count for the metropolis of Elma, Washington, that would make them friendlier than 4 other bars -- two others downtown and two on the outskirts. That may not sound like many, but it does mean they have to beat out more opponents than the Mariners do to win their division.  I've not done enough research to personally vouch for their claim, but a patron, Keevan, not only confirmed it for me even added the penultimate venue in the Elma friendliness standings (Betty's, just up the street).

From the drink side, Shujack's is your standard sports bar -- beer and the most basic liquors, with the various candy-flavored stuff you see in all neighborhood bars that cater to a significant portion of customers in their 20s.  In the back there is a darker, woodier area with a stage that looks like it wouldn't be a bad place to catch some music.

326 W Main St, Elma, WA 98541 - (360) 482-1276

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Heather said...

Shujacks has some of the best food in town as well. They have a decent menu and are always willing to make a few modifications to any meal when requested. :) Try out their Taco Tuesdays! mmm mmm mmm