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Friday, May 07, 2010

#1094 #S642 - Roosevelt Ale House, Seattle - 5/4/2010

Update: The Roosevelt Ale House closed after a fire the night of Friday Dec 15. While it originally intended to reopen, but eventually announced that they were dropping these efforts after disputes with their insurance provider.

The Roosevelt Ale House is still owned by the folks who ran The Jones there before, and the new incarnation was basically achieved with a lot of subtraction.  There is less intimacy, fewer seats, less ambitious food, and a of course a bland name replacing the chic one.  There are relatively few beer choices on tap for an "ale house," but there is a large selection of bottles.  A pool table was added, consistent with the owners' goal of converting from a romantic vibe to more of a friendly, local sports bar.  This apparently was done largely to cut down on time and expenses.

Of course this approach basically relinquishes the ability of the physical surroundings to create any sort of personality and whether it becomes and enjoyable place or not depends strictly on what kind of regulars decide to frequent the joint, so the jury is still out.  One hopes that the owners recognize that success in the friendly local approach means not just providing more basic pub food, but dropping the attitude that would occasionally lead to some comically bad service (the kitchen had no problem making you wait 40 minutes for a hamburger if they felt like entertaining a couple friends).  I personally would have preferred The Jones with friendly, efficient service, but I wish them well on the new approach.

8824 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115 - (206) 527-5480 - facebook - seattletimes - yelp

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