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Saturday, May 01, 2010

#1087 - Pioneer Tavern, Long Beach WA - 4/30/2010

This place is along the main highway on the Long Beach peninsula and I've passed by it many times and never been particularly tempted to go in.  But when I finally did I found the best cast of characters of any of the peninsula's bars and the nicest people of any bar in -- well, pretty much anywhere.

It's a fairly typical neighborhood bar, with a card room for Texas Hold'em and Cribbage nights (it also has a weekly "chick flick night," though chicks were a very distinct minority, and chicks below 60-years-old).  It has tavern sorts of food, and both the bartender and the assembled drinkers were cheerful and wry.

102 Pioneer Rd E, Long Beach, WA 98631 - (360) 642-2302

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Anonymous said...

I can't speak to the ambiance but a benefactor brings our office pizza from Pioneer Tavern and I am very happy with the pizzas I have had. Hand-stretched dough (not preformed), good sauce (not that sweety, tomato paste-y kind) with good herbage plus good toppings. If they were in my neighborhood I would get pizza there if nothing else.