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Monday, February 26, 2018

#2628 - Grumpy's, Garfield, WA - 9/14/2014

How could you not like a small town bar called Grumpy's? Grumpy's Tavern claims to be "The best place in Garfield to be for food and beer," and if you don't count the convenience store or assisted living facility, their case is unassailable. It's located in downtown Garfield, across from the meat locker. It's not a super rollicking place -- it's closes at 9pm every night, including Fridays and Saturdays. But it is a pleasant community gathering place, with wings, burgers, and other old school bar food to go with the cold beer. For the warmer months there is patio and expansive grassy beer garden out back.

Garfield Washington was founded in early 1880s and named after the recently assassinated president. The last census found the city has approximately 600 people, 97.3% of them white, and 0.2% of them African American (if you're good at math you know that means one black person). Whenever you find yourself in the parts of the Palouse, between Potlatch and Steptoe, you should consider swinging through Garfield and into Grumpy's for a cold one.

Grumpy's Tavern, Garfield, 

215 W Main St, Garfield, WA 99130 - (509) 635-1602                     
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