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Thursday, February 22, 2018

#2619 - Slim's Bar and Grill, Lind, WA - 9/12/2014

Slim's Bar & Grill, Lind, WA
Update: Skip Thompson passed away and Slim's decor was auctioned off and the bar closed in 2023

If you like old, historic bars -- or if you like any bars with a lot of character (and a few characters), whenever you are in eastern Washington it will be well worth going out of your way to stop in Lind, WA and Slim's Tavern, one of my very favorite old bars in the state. There you'll probably find Floyd "Skip" Thompson, an ex-Marine who purchased the place 40 years ago and plans to continue running the place until he the day he dies. The traditional American food from the restaurant portion looked very good, but we had eaten shortly before arriving. The drinks are pretty simple and standard, but it is the place itself that is the major attraction. The walls of the fairly large main floor are filled with historical photos and artifacts. Every single person there was super welcoming, and ready to tell us stories of the place. And if you have not been yet, be sure to ask if you can take a look downstairs, which is fairly extraordinary, and worth the risk that you won't come out alive.

Slim's Bar & Grill, Lind, WA
I have found sources stating that Slim's was founded in 1909, 1912, 1913 and 1916. They all agree that it was founded by G.L. "Slim" Nichols, and the source that seems to have the best background information is the June 3, 1963 issue of the Lind Leader, which dates it to 1916. This article goes on to say that in 1946 Nichols retired and left the bar and restaurant in the hands of his son George Nichols and son-in-law Wendell Longmeier. It was then sold to Paul Casey in the 50s, and subsequently run by J.R. Winborn, Floyd Duncan, and Merlin Toland. We chatted with Ray Baker, a friend of Skip's, who has helped with some work on the place and doubts that Skip makes any money at all off the place these days.

Slim's Bar & Grill, Lind, WA
Last but not least, if you happen to be headed to Slim's around the second week of June -- or if you are just looking for the ideal time to go -- you absolutely must check on the dates of the annual Lind Combine Demolotion Derby, which is preceded by a parade through town.

Slim's owner, Skip Thompson
2016 Combine Demolition Derby, Lind, WA

A younger Skip Thompson

121 N I St, Lind, WA 99341 - (509) 677-8854                
Est. 1916?
Previous bars in this location: None known
Web site:  slimsbarandgrill.netfacebook
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Anonymous said...

We were here this week, August 2018. Yes, for us, following the guide over Central WA, we agree, both for the setting and the people. Usually opens at 4 pm. Slim is there, appears to be slowing down, but served us a good cheap meal.

Winterrosebud said...

I love going to slims he had a heart of gold one if there sweetest nicest men very respectable you can feel the love he put into his bar you should check it out he is still going strong he doesn't care if 100 people or no people no business high business he will be in that bar open and running still making food and drinks (with help of course) until the say he dies it was very special to be apart of his history and see his legacy if you can deffinitly go see him and his bar asap! the building is older than the state of Oregon btw

Anonymous said...

September 2020: open! Skipper is still a good cook.

Pastime Ritzville: September 2020. This place is friendly and lively, popular with the locals.