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Saturday, February 24, 2018

#2626 - Fredneck's , Rockford, WA - 9/13/2014

If you are somehow capable of driving through a small rural town and NOT stopping at a place named something like "Fredneck's Saloon and Beanery," well, I just think we would have very little in common. A "beanery," of course, is the old timey name for a railroad eating house, although these days we now rarely refer to the female servers as "beanery queens." The old west false front is still there, but at today's beanery the Faro has been replaced by pull tabs, the cowboy hats by snapback baseball caps, and the mine and timber workers by aging bikers and insurance agents in cargo shorts. But I'll take the vestiges of the old west where I can get them, and it still feels a world away from Applebee's, so cheers to Fredneck's and God bless our beaneries. Make sure and stop here and have a drink.

Fredneck's Saloon & Beanery, Rockford, WA
Fredneck's Saloon & Beanery, Rockford, WA

130 W Emma St, Rockford, WA 99030 - (509) 291-3880
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