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Friday, February 23, 2018

#2621 - Sonny's Tavern, Washtucna, WA - 9/12/2014

Sonny's Tavern, Washtucna, WA
There's not a whole lot more to the town of Washtucna, Washington than Sonny's Tavern -- and what else there is can be listed on one sign as you enter town. The population is a little under 200 and slowly trending downward, as in so many other small, agricultural towns. But having such a small population doesn't mean that they don't have conflicts now and then, and bartender Nancy and local Michael talked about the night that Ronnie -- who may have had Altheimers or maybe not -- got crazy drunk and attacked her trying to twist her neck. She fell on Ronnie's gun, and after that the neighbors soon took his guns away -- at least for a spell. Later Ronnie got into an argument with his neighbor Larry Turner, soon returning in his car to Larry's house, accusing him of stealing his dog, and firing his shotgun at him. Larry returned fire with three shots from his .357 revolver and Ronnie was dead.

Inside Sonny's the scene is bright -- too brightly lit for a bar, in my view, but the owners have focused on creating a family restaurant atmosphere. Sonny's dates back to 1964, although it was briefly Frank's Tavern a few years ago before restoring the name. One of the highlights of the entire area is the broasted chicken at Sonny's. We didn't have dinner in this visit, but both the locals and tourists rave about it. They probably don't rave about the cocktails -- the drink choices are pretty limited -- but like I said, the owners have focused on the family restaurant portion of the business, and anyway, it's the only bar in town.

Washtucna, Washington
Down the road there's a house that's plainly been victimized too many times by theft. The chain link fence around the large yard now features several plywood signs that make it clear that Ronnie was not the only local who's ready to take justice into his own hands if he thinks someone is stealing from him. Just up Main Street from Sonny's there are several nice old buildings. Some of them seem to be holding up well, like the old, stone Bank of Whitman building, but many more are faded and crumbling -- as empty as the large grain silo on the edge to town. As for Sonny's, it is open until 8pm weeknights and 10pm on weekends, and after that, it's pretty much lights out in Washtucna.

Washtucna, Washington

250 Main St, Washtucna, WA 99371 - (509) 646-3314
Est. 1964
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August 2018: temporarily closed due to an electrical fire. They say it will reopen.