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Sunday, February 25, 2018

#2627 - C & D's Tekoa Bar & Grill, Tekoa, WA - 9/14/2014

C & D's Tekoa Bar & Grill, Tekoa, WA
Tekoa ("TEE-koh") Washington sits just a mile from the Idaho border and straddling Hangman Creek. There are two restaurants in town but only one bar and that is C & D's Bar & Grill, AKA the Tekoa Bar and Grill. "C&D" stands for Cal and Donavon Chase, father and down who've run the place with their wives Cathy and Sara for the last severeal years. Before the Chases it was known as the Tekoa Tavern. And BTW, the sign out front announcing "Adam Passed!" was in reference to an employee passing the bar exam, not departing this mortal coil. C&D's serves up classic diner food with an emphasis on breakfast and burgers, including a comically big burger called "Donavon's Big Daddy."

132 N Crosby St, Tekoa, WA 99033 - (509) 284-3200                        
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