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Sunday, December 20, 2015

#2424 - McT's Bullpen, Guerneville, CA - 3/1/2014

Many years ago I proposed a business named something along the lines of Rent-a-Gay-Population. The idea was that desperate, dying towns around the country could, well, rent a gay population, who would live there for a year, open boutiques and bars and antique shops and generally make the place a fun and interesting place, then move along to the next rehabilitation case. Guerneville California seems like it beat me to the punch.

Hard by the Russian River, Guerneville was established as a logging town in the 1850s and has been a vacation spot for residents of San Francisco and the Bay Area since the 1870s. It's a very pretty area, now, of course, in the midst of wine country, and apparently during the 1970s "San Francisco was the gay Mecca and Guerneville was the gay escape from gay Mecca." (

Anyway, it is a charming place and McT's Bullpen seems like one of the more pedestrian bars there, drawing a mixed crowd -- gay/straight, tourist/local, hippy/redneck or whatever you call the modern-day versions of those two. There doesn't seem to be much remarkable about the bar on this slow Saturday afternoon, but who knows what secrets are bubbling under the surface in this community just five miles from the macabre machinations of secretive and powerful Bohemian Grove rituals, where various world leaders practice arcane rituals at the behest of a 30-foot owl, a prequel to either secretly ruling the world or possibly just blowing off steam and trolling Alex Jones.

McT's seems like the kind of unremarkable setting where the character of the place is determined entirely by the people, and I couldn't get much of a sense for that on the lazy Saturday afternoon when I visited. I did, however, have a very pleasant conversation with John, a retired British meteorologist, who is happy to live within walking distance of the bar, and let slip absolutely no hints of what the giant owl has in store for humanity.

16246 First St, Guerneville, CA 95446 - (707) 869-3377
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