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Saturday, December 12, 2015

#2414 - Rainbow Cafe Lounge, Auburn, WA - 2/16/2014

There isn't anything particularly attractive about the bar potion of the Rainbow Cafe, which was created in the mid 1980s as the Rainbow expanded into an adjacent business. It is overly bright for a bar, has little personality in the decor, closes early, and serves standard dive-bar style drinks. A previous bar existed in the current meeting room before that, but I have been unable to find opening or closing dates. Little signs hanging from the ceiling direct customers to their desired section of the establishment.

It is the cafe portion, established 1929, which is the focus of the Rainbow. It is a historic landmark and said to be the "longest running restaurant in the state with the same name." Here they serve classic American diner food, surrounded by historical photos and western artifacts on the walls.

112 E Main St, Auburn, WA 98002 - (253) 833-1880
Est. 1980s (current bar, restaurant in 1929)
Previous bars in this location: None known
Web site: web site - facebook
Reviews: auburn-reporter - yelp - auburntourism

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