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Saturday, December 05, 2015

#2413 - Schooner Pub and Galley, Lakewood, WA - 2/16/2014

The Schooner, Lakewood, WA
Update: The Schooner Pub closed July 26, 2017.

I like pretty much any bar that seriously embraces an elaborate theme, and the more kitch the better, particularly when the has been sitting in some bland suburbs for a few decades. The Schooner in Lakewood is all in for its antique sailing vessel concept (although apparently the current level of dedication doesn't extend quite so far as getting around to dusting). Entering the establishment via a gangplank over a small pool in a suburban parking lot, you walk into a fairly sizable space of glowing, brown wood, rigging, and nautical knickknacks. From above the bar, life-sized and somewhat unnerving ship's officers gaze down at you, while a rigger reaches toward lanyards over a crow's nest and a maniacal cook reaches out a ship window extending a skillet containing a dusty blob. A prow and figurehead rise above a fireplace at the back of small dance floor, surrounding by sailing ship railings, pins and cordage. In a slightly lowered dining area classic black vinyl seats surround rope framed, thickly-lacquered tables in an area resembling a forecastle.

The Schooner Pub, Lakewood, WA
In the early 70s, Donald Dean Kitchen left the construction business to build and run a bar and restaurant, opening the doors to the Schooner in 1972. Vestiges of the 70s include a coin-operated cologne plunger in the men's room. The bar provides the sort of wide range of functions that suburban bars often do -- comfort food restaurant, nightclub, sportsbar, karaoke joint, etc. Don passed away in 2013 and the place is now run by his children Mike and Rita, but may have little time left as the owners appear to be negotiating with people looking to replace the 43 year institution with a Chick-fil-A drive-thru (newstribune). If you're in western Washington and haven't been there, you should probably go while you still can.

The Schooner Pub, Lakewood, WA

The Schooner Pub, Lakewood, WA

5429 100th St SW, Lakewood, WA 98499 - (253) 584-1919
Est. 1972
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Anonymous said...

April 2019: demolished for a chick-a-filet-a. Paved paradise and put up a parking lot.