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Monday, October 13, 2014

#2274 - Porter Saloon, Elma, WA - 9/7/2013

AKA Porter Creek Saloon, the only bar between Oakville and Elma has been around for a very long time, but its beginnings are unclear. Kay Lee, the current owner, believes it was established, as the "Porter Saloon," in 1919, with the physical bar purchased in the 30s, and that it is the "second oldest bar in the state of Washington." But that would have been during statewide prohibition -- so it seems unlikely that it would have been established with an "Saloon" name in that period (let alone a liquor license) -- and numerous bars across the state make the claim to being the first or second liquor license after prohibition. A newspaper article in the bar contains an interview with previous owner Opal Butterfield, who says she purchased the place with her husband in 1935.  Grays Harbour Polk Guides show one bar in Porter in 1937 owned by Ed Butterfield, and one in 1935 owned by A.B. Miller.

Wikipedia says that "Porter Saloon was re-built" in 1925, a year after a fire destroyed it and much of the town. The Wikipedia article adds that "When it re-opened in 1933 following the repeal of Prohibition, it was one of the first establishments to receive a liquor license in the State of Washington," but contains no references. Thus with no primary references, my best guess from what I've found so far is that there was some kind of business built here in 1919, it burned down in 1924, and was rebuilt in 1925, it became a tavern in Dec. 1933, has been the Porter Saloon for many years, and in the last few years has had a quite remarkable remodel by Ms. Lee.

3 Porter Creek Rd, Elma, WA 98541 - (360) 482-4443
Est. 1933? - Building constructed: 1925
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Anonymous said...

This bar was permanently closed due to illegal activites by the owner. Recently it is in a shambles and disrepair.