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Monday, October 13, 2014

#2271 - Local Bar and Grill, Grayland, WA - 9/6/2013

Local Bar and Grill, Grayland, WA
County tax records indicate that the Local Bar and Grill building was constructed in 1992, but the current building looks just like the one in Michael Caldwell's Taverns West, which was published in 1985 and claims the place had been a roadhouse for 50 years prior. Caldwell also claims that it was originally used as a steambath by the local Finnish residents.

Nowadays it seems like a relatively typical small community bar with its televisions and pull tabs, except that it is lit up as bright as a hospital cafeteria and seems to especially draw the heavier of the locals. Expect fairly standard dive bar drink choices and cafeteria comfort foods.

Local Bar and Grill, Grayland, WA
2183 State Route 105, Grayland, WA 98547 - (360) 267-5071
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