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Monday, October 13, 2014

#2272 - John's River Lodge, Aberdeen, WA - 9/7/2013

The John's River Lodge is listed in Aberdeen, but it's really quite a ways from Aberdeen proper, and considerably closer to Westport, sitting on the west side of state highway 105, about a thousand feet from where John's River tumbles toward Grays Harbor. The bar there is packed with personality and artifacts aggregated over the years, with a collection of t-shirts hanging from the ceiling and assorted knickknacks all around. Jeff Kuni, the current owner, is a very friendly host. Jeff's dad purchased the bar in 1976 -- Jeff recalled from memory that it was on this very day of that year (Sep 7). Outside is a great old tavern sign that came from the old Bright Spot, on south G Street in downtown Aberdeen. If you like dive bars with lots of character, this is a must stop when you are in the area.

1564 State Route 105, Aberdeen, WA 98520 - (360) 648-2319
Est. 1956
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Unknown said...

What a Dive! No tourists want to go here! Locals only bar!
The toilets can be smelled when you walk in the door!

Anonymous said...

I've been to a lot of dives! This one really sucks! Just look for the owner he's at the end of the bar drunk!what an asshole!

Anonymous said...

John's River Lodge has a new owner since 2015 who really cares about this place and her customers. She has made a lot of great changes. It's a great bar with excellent bartenders. Friendly people and a great atmosphere! My husband and I felt welcome the moment we stepped through the door.

Ann F. said...

I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!! My friends and I stopped on our way through to Westport. Seems like the place has changed since the 2013 posts cuz it was so fun and the owner is a woman. The music was a nice mix and lots of fun people having a good time, great bartenders, great prices. I could tell some of the patrons were locals, but the owner made my friends and I feel so welcome and introduced us to people hanging out even though it was busy. I love dive bars and this place still has the dive bar feel and a big back patio as the smoking area!! Will totally go there again.