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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

#2279 - Bar N9ne, Port Angeles, WA - 9/7/2013

Bar N9NE, Port Angeles, WA
Bar N9ne is a funky, homey place that hosts a range of characters, "Disco Stew" doing karaoke, live music, and serves significantly better than average bar food late. When we were there on a cold Saturday evening there were people playing cards and girls arriving by skateboard. The menu seems to lead with pizza, but ranges from some nice salads to bruschetta to pineapple chicken curry. It seems like a fun place and it seems like if I came back a couple times I'd probably want to add it to my highest recommended list.

Historical Notes: There have been many bars at this location over the years, but my records for the Port Angeles area are very spotty. The first bar I've found listed at the address is the Annex Tavern, which was there by 1939 and into the 40s. By 1959 the Colonial Inn is listed, and in 1969 it became Pieces of Eight. In between those two it appears to have been The Office and The Silver Dollar Bar, and at some point the Tugboat Saloon. In 1980 the Pub Tavern is listed at the address. Much later on (by 2000) it was Lid's Tavern, then Crazy Fish Baja and Beyond and Lyre's Club before Bar N9NE.

229 W 1st St, Port Angeles, WA 98362 - (360) 797-1999
Est. May 2010
Previous bars in this location: Annex Tavern, Colonial Inn, Pub Tavern, Pieces of Eight, Silver Dollar Bar, The Office, Tugboat Saloon, Lyre's Club, Crazy Fish Baja and Beyond, Pieces of Eight
Web site: barn9nepa.comfacebook
Reviews: peninsuladailynews - tripadvisor - yelp

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