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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

#1800 Bubba's Road House, Sultan, WA - 6/3/2012

Bubba's Road House, Sultan, WA
How could we not stop at a place named Bubba's Road House, with a wall reading "EAT BIG FOOD," and a reader board promising extreme midget wrestling? Okay, so the midget wrestling was not going on at the time, but obviously the fact that Bubba's hosts midget wrestling in Sultan, Washington -- any midget wrestling, let alone extreme -- is a clear sign that this bar is not to be ignored.

In addition to the cultural events, Bubba's has fairly standard beers and cocktails and some pretty good BBQ and bar food offerings. It has a large beer garden in back where you can play horseshoes and watch the smoker at work. Like most of Sultan, it is right along Highway 2, where skiers and hikers stream past on their way to Stevens Pass and the Cascade Loop. But lest you think extreme midget wrestling to be the biggest thing to ever hit Sultan, way back in 1968, when the town was even smaller than now (about 1,000 people), Betty Nelson's Organic Strawberry Farm hosted The Grateful Dead, Santana, Muddy Waters, Richard Prior, about 40 other bands and 20,000 hippies in what was probably the first large, multi-day, outdoor rock festival, the Sky River Rock Festival and Lighter Than Air Fair.

Picture is Bubba himself, in Bubba's Road House, Sultan, WA

Barbecue at Bubba's Road House, Sultan, WA
924 Stevens Ave, Sultan, WA 98294 - (360) 793-3950
Est. Dec 31, 2002

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Anonymous said...

August 2018: Rustic wood with taxidermy and antlers. Great food. Old building, once a garage, then maybe a tackle shop. Open 20 years? Friendly bartender and customers.