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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

#1790 #S1030 - EVO, Seattle - 5/22/2012

Well, EVO closed Aug 13, 2012, before I could even get around to writing this blog entry.  Evidently being attached to Social and 300+ Facebook likes in three months is not enough to keep you afloat.  The space has now been turned over to the owners of The Social (area bar magnates Laura Olson and Chris Pardo).

EVO did serve Mediterranean tapas, with small plates based on dishes of Greece, France, Portugal, Italy, Morocco and Spain, and I liked all the items I tried. They also served fairly decent cocktails, which is a rarity, for whatever reason, among gay bars. It is a fairly attractive space, with modern decor playing off the old warehouse feel. Old photos of Seattle neighborhoods are projected in a continuous loop onto a high, exposed brick wall.

1715 East Olive Way, Seattle, Washington 98102 - 206-328-5293
Est. May 2012 - Closed Aug 13, 2012 - Building constructed: 1928
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