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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

#1792 - A Terrible Beauty, Renton, WA - 5/24/2012

A Terrible Beauty is the first of two Irish pubs of that name, this one in a large (7,000 sq ft), two-story space in Renton that has hosted several other bars. When the previous resident, Finnegan's announced that they were closing down, Irish-born head bartender Jenna O'Brien and her husband Pat bought the place. They've turned it into a more earnest Irish pub than most, with better food and 28 taps of imported and local beers. The de rigueur Guiness ads are there, as always, but the place has a lot more personality than many cookie cutter Irish themed bars. The bar was made with with pieces of the bar at Belfast's Crown Pub, and the painted exterior includes the Yeats poem from which the bar gets its name.

It seems to be a quite popular place, and it is easy to understand why, with it's easy mix of character and comfort. The cocktails are just the basics, but that fits the theme. And you can only root for it more when you read the story of Jenna's acquisition of the space, while facing multiple sclerosis and concerned for the workers losing their jobs in the current economy.

201 Williams Avenue South Renton, WA 98057 - (425) 227-3396
Est. July 7, 2009
Previous bars in this location: Finnegan's
Web site: - facebook
Reviews: rentonreporter - rentonhipster - yelp - urbanspoon - tripadvisor

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