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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

#1789 #S1029 - Ravioli Station / Trainwreck, Seattle - 5/21/2012

Update:  Ravioli Station Trainwreck closed in early November 2012.

Bill Medin established this funky little bar and restaurant with his sisters Leann and Lennie, after he had worked as chef at the Sheraton Palace in San Francisco, and then at the Edgewater and Place Pigalle. They put in bar stools made from the pistons of fireboats that once floated in New York Harbor, and created a bar ledge that is a metal tube heated with hot water flowing through. They located it in a small, wedge-shaped building which has special significance to craft beer lovers, as it was the original location of the Red Hook brewery (est. 1981). Near the door is a statue with its head broken off, which various sources informed me happened during a particularly wild Thursday karaoke night, or was possibly done by Herman, the local, homeless crackhead.

On this visit I chatted with bartender Genevieve and long-time customer Linda. I was told that a few years ago Bill inherited some money, decided to move to Thailand, and sold the place to his bartender Hefe. Hefe has also worked at the Dexter and Hayes Public House and Jules Maes.  She has made a few changes, adding theme nights, adding a mural to the outer wall, and adding "Trainwreck" to the name -- or maybe just changing it to "The Trainwreck," it doesn't seem quite consistent. She's maintained the basic ravioli menu, but changed the focus much more toward the bar, though the liquor options are pretty basic. It's a sleepy little neighborhood place during the day, but it can get decidedly more boisterous on certain nights.

4620 Leary Way Northwest Seattle, WA 98107 - (206) 789-6680
Est. Sep. 2000 - Building constructed: 1947
Previous bars in this location: None known (Red Hook Brewery)
Web site: facebook 
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