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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

#1793 - Club Crow, Cashmere, WA - 5/26/2012

Some folks have referred to Club Crow as the "oldest still operating bar in the State of Washington." Lots of bars make this sort of claim in one fashion or another, and it's hard to square the Crow's claim with a number of other bars that have been (legally) operating since shortly after prohibition ended (Dec 5, 1933), let alone the handful of bars that were in operation before prohibition. But it is quite old -- established as a pool hall, tobacco shop, and barbershop in 1918, and as a tavern in 1934. The original owner of the tavern, Stillman Miller, operated the club until 1978. The current owners have had the Crow since 2004.

Club Crow today is a nice combination of old and new.  The back wall mural of a camper with a hungry bear coming up from behind must date back to at least 50 years ago. And there are also some surprisingly well executed crows painted on the mens room stall doors. The sort of oddball collections that can only happen over long amounts of time -- stalactites and taxidermy trout, smokey old landscape paintings and a stuff bear with an American flag -- pop out of the ceiling and walls. It has been described as once a magnet for local farmers and orchard workers" but has refashioned itself into "the home of the blues for north central Washington."


108 1/2 Cottage Ave Cashmere, WA 98815 (509) 782-3001
Est. 1918 - Bar established 1934
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Anonymous said...

August 2018: The owner was our bartender. He says the building is 102 years old and got their license right after Repeal. They smoke their meats. Great food. Friendly fellow customers.