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Sunday, September 23, 2012

#1785 - Park Way Tavern, Tacoma, WA - 5/20/2012

Tacoma's Parkway Tavern has a better neighborhood pub feel than any bar in Seattle. The tavern appears unexpectedly, in a 1935 wood-shingled bungalow in the midst of the homes of a quiet neighborhood two blocks from Wright Park. Hipsters and beer connoisseurs mix easily with families and folks of all ages. The walls hold several interesting old photographs from Tacoma history -- including one of the bar itself from just after 2:00am Friday October 8, 1983, after "a disgruntled customer rammed his pickup truck six or seven times into the front of the Parkway Tavern."

There's been a bar in this building since at least 1960, when it was Alexander's Delicatessen & Tavern. The building was renovated a little over five years ago, and now has a high, exposed, vaulted ceiling and comfortable dark wood. Around the corner from the front bar there are a couple more rooms, including one suddenly decorated in African artifacts, as if you've been invited to dinner at the dean of anthropology's house. The bartenders and servers are very friendly and cool. They have a large and interesting selection of beers on tap (and growlers available), and better than average sandwiches and pub food. They were recently recognized by Esquire Magazine as one of the best bars in the country.

I don't know how old the bar at Parkway is. The current building started as a delicatessen in 1935, and became a tavern at some point later. But it's been serving the locals for decades and with quality improvements more recently has become of the most welcoming and comfortable bars in the the Pacific northwest.

313 North I Street Tacoma, WA 98403 - (253) 383-8748
Est. ? - Building constructed: 1935

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