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Thursday, September 13, 2012

#1775 - Stan's Bar-B-Q, Issaquah, WA - 5/12/2012

I love barbeque -- who doesn't love barbeque? -- but my favorite barbeque is Kansas City style. Oh how I miss the sweet sauce of Ribbins down in Ballard. So I've been eager for some time to try out Stan's. In case you forget where he's from, Stan has decorated the place with Kansas City Chief memorabilia.

The bar, as you might expect, is basically beer and very basic cocktails.  They have eight pretty good beers on tap, but the spirits are dominated by vodka and especially flavored vodkas -- like many a suburban dive catering to clients more interested in the effects of their drinks than the tastes.

Sam's actually has a variety of BBQ styles, with three sauces, served separately, to choose from. I had the Commander and Chief sandwich -- beef brisket with smoked ham -- and as usual in my first stop in a place I tried their beans and potato salad.  All of these were pretty good, and served by some friendly folks, but alas, it was not the can't-wait-to-go-back ecstasy of the old Ribbins. I would describe it as a very nice stop if you're in the area, but not necessarily worth going out of your way.

58 Front Street North Issaquah, WA 98027 - (425) 392-4551
Est. 2006 - Building constructed: 1888 (Oddfellow's Hall)
Web site: - facebook
Reviews: seattleweekly - urbanspoon - yelp - issaquahpress

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