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Saturday, September 15, 2012

#1778 #S1027 - The Beer Authority, Seattle - 5/15/2012

Like Greenwood's Chuck's 85th St. Market and West Seattle's Super Deli Mart, Lake City's Beer Authority has turned a small retain space into a beer Mecca by combining a huge selection of well selected beers with a small number of taps and a friendly, tiny bar. Actually, the B.A. is a bit more like Bottleworks in Wallingford, since rather than being carved out of a convenience store, it is dedicated entirely to beer. The shop was established in March/April of 2009, and as the original owners decided to spend some more time with their kids they signed a couple partners include Burc McFarlen, who installed the taps and bar. It now pulls in a small but dedicated group of beer-loving patrons.

12716 Lake City Way NE Suite A Seattle, WA 98125 - (206) 417-9629
Est. March 2009 as bottleshop; taps installed late 2010 - Building constructed 2001
Previous bars in this location: None
Web site: blog
Reviews: beeradvocate - yelp

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